Famous Jameis strikes back against rape accuser

Winston has sued Erika for $7 million.

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Winston has sued Erika for $7 million.

FJameis Winston, once accused of rape back in 2013, decided to take action and not let this incident slide. While playing quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles leading them to an undefeated season along with a national championship and Heisman trophy, Winston was accused of drugging and raping Erica Kinsman. Kinsman claims that she does not remember much of that night besides being in a ground floor apartment and supposedly telling Winston “no” repeatedly. Documents from the Florida State hearing state that “At no time did Ms. Kinsman say ‘no’ to Mr. Winston or otherwise protest against having sex with Mr. Winston.”

Whinston wins heisman
Winston wins Heisman (from google images)

This unfortunate situation left some damage along the way. Winston being one of the best college football players in the land at the time, went through a little scare. This situation even though it was not true, tarnished the legacy that he was leaving. The media basically ruined his reputation. He was no longer classified as a football player during this time but a rapist.

Jameis decided that letting this woman off the hook was not an option. He sued Erica Kinsman for seven million for the trouble that she put him through. Now we all know that Winston does not need this money as he is a very wealthy man being in the NFL and all. I believe that he sued this woman more to prove a point. He wanted to put this lying woman through the same troubles that he had to undergo.

At no time did Ms. Kinsman say ‘no’ to Mr. Winston or otherwise protest against having sex with Mr. Winston.”

— Florida State hearing testimony

Winston is now the starting quarterback for the Buccaneers, already has his life made and doesn’t need this money by any means. His goal was to make an example out of all the lying woman who try to accuse college or professional athletes of crimes they did not commit. It’s all about money and attention to these ladies nowadays and its getting pretty old.

Jameis wins national title
Jameis wins national title (from google images)

Now I get it, not all crimes reported are lies but I feel like the past couple years it has been woman just trying to squeeze money out of athletes and ruin their careers. The media is playing a big part in that as well. As soon as they hear about a rape case or some assault they jump all over it without even knowing the full story. I guess that’s okay because that is technically their job but for these athletes in a huge pain in the rear.

Glad to see that someone like Jameis finally stepped up to the plate and set the example. I expect to see a lot more athletes lashing out to go after the people that try to ruin their lives. Seven million is way less than a tarnished reputation.