WWE sweeps the nation

I go into depth on covering the WWE’s popularity and ask a fan and a hater what they think about the WWE.


Craig Ambrosio

Photoshopped by myself

In recent years the WWE has gotten bigger and bigger across the country. It all started in the 1950s as the CWC. It had big names such as Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Dwyane (The Rock) Johnson, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and many others.

Every week the wrestlers traveled around the country holding matches at many different venues around the United States. Fans have wrestlers that they like and don’t like, as in every sport there are the teams you love and then the ones you despise. Although most of this stuff is acting it’s pretty amazing how many things they can do. So many people don’t even realize the level of athleticism some of these guys have. Whether it’s doing flips, jumping off the ropes, or just “wrestling”.

From left to right: Nick Hutzle, Alex Haarmeyer ,Collin Kunkemoeller, and John Miller enjoy a WWE event. (photo from Collin Kunkemoeller)

Collin Kunkemoeller is a lifelong WWE fan and Elder Grad.  “I first started to like WWE when I was a kid me and my cousin used to watch wrestling and then wrestle each other,” said Collin.

“My favorite wrestler ever is the legend himself, Stone Cold Steve Austin. But right now my favorite is either Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose,”  said Kunkemoeller. “I think the love of Dean Ambrose is partially because Ambrose is a Cincinnati native. Ambrose has had success recently in the league and has won key matches taking him to the top of the list in the WWE.”

Elder Freshman Wrestling Coach Mr. Suer told me, “It’s (the WWE) fake and scripted”, when I asked why he dislikes the WWE. He as many other real wrestlers strongly dislike WWE, this is because it makes common people that aren’t exposed to the sport of wrestling think that WWE is the real thing. Although, Mr. Suer does not think that the WWE takes anything away from wrestling.

The WWE even has its own TV channel. Fans have to buy a package to get the perks of website access and access to some matches and events that fans who don’t have the package can’t see.

“The reason I think that the WWE has grown so big is because of the athleticism. Guys doing triple flips off the turn buckle. Pretty nuts,” said Kunkemoeller.

Mr. Suer thinks that the growth in WWE comes from the viewer’s interest in the drama and the storyline that each WWE event contains.

The recent growth in the WWE’s popularity can be connected to MMA and boxing which have also gotten way bigger throughout the nation. Also it can be credited to the athleticism in the wrestlers and the WWE network.