Hot December

Hot December

Usually the month of December and around Christmas is one of the coldest times of the year. However, this Holiday season, rap artists have been releasing album after album just before the new year-making it a rather “hot” time for fans to buy their albums and listen to their music.

Over 12 artists have released or will be releasing a tape by December 16. Some of these artists include Childish Gambino, Drake, J Cole, Kid Cudi, and many more. Some of these artists we have not heard in quite some time such as Childish Gambino since his Because the Internet album he released in December of 2013. J Cole, too has stayed pretty low key since his sensational 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

Although it seems like Drake is dropping a new album or song every other week, be sure to expect a new Drake full of funky beats and hot verses in his upcoming album More Life releasing this December.

Drake fan Luke Ruehl expressed his excitement for this album. “Drake is about to drop the best album of the year by far,” said Ruehl. “I’m a huge Drake fan and I can’t wait for this to be released.”

Kid Cudi even got in the on mix as he was posted in a rehab facility for suicidal thoughts and depression. It’s been awhile since Cudi fans have heard some good old 2008-2009 style Kid Cudi and we can only hope that’s what he is going to bring to the table. Ever since Man on the Moon II: the Legend of Mr. Rager released in 2010 this man has fallen off the face of the earth. As a Cudi fun myself, I must admit that his old tracks were far more pleasing to the ears than his new, bizarre songs he has released in years since. I really hope he goes back to his old ways and spits on a funky baseline, however I think that is just wishful thinking.

Post Malone also will be dropping his album on December 9. Malone has had a lot of success in the past few years and has had a lot of hit singles released. Post Malone’s new album Stoney will have many classic Post Malone chill vibes as he sings along and raps over a pretty warm beat.

Everyone knows Gucci Mane was just released from prison, so of course, he will be releasing his album The Return of East Atlanta Santa. This, I suspect, will be the most overrated album to be released. I never have been a big Gucci Mane fan myself, so I’m not too excited about this one. Gucci Mane’s boring tone and slow baselines don’t really give me anything to look forward to, so I’ll just keep quiet about this one.

With this December having so many solid artists dropping some incredible albums, I can’t wait to see what 2017 offers.