Watch Dogs 2 encourages hacking

New edition of Ubisoft franchise features empowering cyber attacks in the picturesque San Francisco Bay area.


Ubisoft strikes again as they released a hit new game full of mayhem and fun missions. Watch Dogs 2 is Ubisoft’s last release and passes all expectations set by it’s previous game in the series. Watch Dogs 2 takes place in San Francisco Bay Area and leaves all of the mayhem up to the gamer.

The Watch Dogs series is known for it’s gameplay which includes hacking everything and anything possible. Whether you want to hack into some cameras across the street, hack into a stranger’s phone and steal money from their bank account, or hack into a police car that is tailing you and shift his steering wheel left so he crashes into a building, Ubisoft leaves all of it up to you.

Throughout the game, you play as Marcus Halloway, a hacker in a group called Dedsec and basically you’re main goal is to destroy the evil corruption the media controls and let everyone know they are being hacked by the government. You do this by hacking everyone, though? Either way this game sets up a new set of characters that you can team up with to torture greedy rich people that think they can get away with hacking the people of the United States.

Along this journey as Marcus Halloway, you can buy upgrades that basically enhance you’re hacking ability and what you can hack. This is what makes the game the most interesting. For me, however, I am in love with the beautifully crafted map and Bay Area that is at your leisure to explore- or explode!

Watch Dogs 2 has received many favorable views from critics and game informers. It has received a 9/10 on Steam and is Elder freshman Jackson Geiser’s “Favorite game of all time”.

Most people think that Watch Dogs is just a copy of Grand Theft Auto. Although similar in it’s open world third person feel, it is very different in how the games play and objectives in the game. The very different story lines make it seem like I am playing two very different games and I honestly think Watch Dogs did a couple things better than Rockstar’s ever so loved series Grand Theft Auto.

For one, the ability to upgrade your character and enhance his skills is something that has never been seen before in the Grand Theft Auto world. And, the map is a little smaller but action packed with activities and people in every alley-way.

Just an all around great game and one that I will continue to play for a long time here after. That is, however, until Rockstar releases the newest edition to my favorite game series of all time- Red Dead Redemption 2.