Do’s and Dont’s of fantasy football


It is nearly impossible to go through an entire Monday at Elder during football season without hearing talk about how your team did in Fantasy over the weekend. Fantasy football continues to grow more popular with more leagues joining every year.

If you are involved in fantasy football then you know that draft day is the biggest game of the year. The day that can either make or break your team. However don’t get your panties in a bunch if you don’t get the first overall pick.

Depending on the way your draft is set up you can still walk away from draft day with a pretty solid team even if you get the last pick. If your league does the snake draft then if you’re the last pick then you get back to back picks.

The trick to a solid fantasy team is to get one or two big time players and then surround them with players that preform consistently well in games. Fantasy football is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t be one of those guys who add and drop his whole team every week based on weekly projections and results. Don’t freak out if your first overall pick has an off week and go trading him away.

However it seems as if there is always that guy in every league who is constantly tweaking his team, adding and dropping players every day. Keep an eye on player transactions to see if a big time player has recently been dropped after a bad game to take advantage before someone else picks him up. Another key component to a great team is to keep an open mind on trades. If you have multiple strong players at the same position and have a weak point at a certain position; consider trading away a stronger player to acquire a player who may not put up as many points but is a consistent player for your weaker position.

It is important to stay competitive if you’re paying any money for your league but to not take it too far. Don’t be the guy who wants to fight if you beat him in fantasy that week. One way to get in the head of your weekly opponent is to change your team name to make fun of or taunt your opponent. This is a way to keep the league fun and personal, it’s always entertaining on Mondays to see the new team match ups seeing the different team names. Keep an eye on sleepers. If a big name player gets hurt don’t count out the backups for some big points.

If you don’t have direct TV consider getting it to receive the “Sunday Ticket” where you can watch every game. Along with the red zone channel where they show big game highlights and every touchdown scored. As well as the feature of uploading your team to the TV and receiving constant play by play updates on your players.

Fantasy football is an extremely fun and competitive way to better enjoy your Sundays and the football season in general. Make sure to get into a league with friends or family, anyone you are close to for the most fun. Remember losing is never fun but don’t be the annoying person in the league who takes it too far.