It would be a shame to miss

Shameless is a show you should be watching on NETFLIX.


Shameless wins over the hearts of Netflix fans

Everyone who owns a Netflix account knows that there are certain shows that can make the viewer binge watch episode after episode all night long. Shows like The Office, Lost, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and Friday Night Lights are watched on Netflix constantly by viewers. I often find myself watching three or fout episodes of The Office each night. Recently, drama show from 2011 Shameless has caught the eye of Netflix fans.

The show started on Showtime in January in 2011 and has had seven seasons since. I asked big Shameless guy and beloved English teacher Mr. Quatman what the show is actually about,”Shameless is a show about a poor family, called the Gallaghers, living in the Southside of Chicago. Six kids are left living on their own because their father is an alcoholic and their mother has abandoned them. The kids are taken care of by the oldest kid, Fiona, who is around 23 years old.”

He continued,”The show is really about the ‘American Dream.’ Even though these kids were dealt a bad hand by their parents, they still work as hard as they can in a world that is stacked against them,” said Quatman.

Shameless has become huge recently. Promos and other types of advertisements have got many involved in watching the show. “My friends were big fans of the show and told me over and over again about how great it was. So I decided to watch it one day and ever since I was hooked,” added Quatman on what first drew his interest to the show.

As for some of the fans favorite characters, Mr. Quatman gave me some insight onto who he can most closely relate with and who some of the fan favorites are.

Mr. Quatman’s head photoshopped on Shameless character Kevin

“I don’t know if I would relate to any of the characters on a personal level because I’ve never experienced what they experience on a daily basis. However, there are various moments when I recognize the struggles of the character of Fiona since she is the oldest child and a young adult, like myself, ” said Quatman. “My favorite character is Kev, the Gallagher’s neighbor. He is the comedic relief of the rather dramatic show.”

One of the nice things about having a show that is on live TV and Netflix is that it pretty much eliminates the problem of missing an episode, even if you haven’t seen the previous seasons it is easy to catch up and binge on the show. Mr. Quatman contributed to this by saying he caught the first six seasons of the show on Netflix and he even went on to tell me he sometimes rewatches episodes because he thinks it is that good of a show.

So maybe when you finish a show like The Office for the third time in a row you can expand your horizon and watch a few seasons of Shameless. Because the odds are that you will like it.