Kenny Powers is back!

Kenny Powers is back for another season on Eastbound and Down. The comedy series on HBO is back for its fourth and final season of fun. Will Kenny change his ways, or continue being the same old blockhead of the past?

No one had any idea of how the show would resume on September 29, the premiere, because the ending of Season three was left wide open. In the last episode, the wild man and former face of baseball, Kenny Powers, made it back to the majors after two seasons of trying to get there on the mound. After making it back to the big leagues, at his first game, Kenny left the stadium abruptly and drove off of the road, faking his death. The final episode of season three ended with Kenny coming back to his former girlfriend April, the mother of his son Toby. It ended right then leaving the next season unpredictable.

Every Eastbound & Down viewer had a different view of how the new season would resume. Some thought he would come back and run back off to Mexico, similar to season two. Others thought he would be a little league coach or even resort to teaching at Jefferson Davis School as gym teacher like in the past.

Purple Quill writer, and senior Lee Lutz, a regular viewer of the show had his own view on how the show would resume.

“I thought the show would just come back with Kenny still thinking he was a hot shot, but really just a washed up superstar again.”

Personally, I thought Kenny would come back to Season four a few years later when his son Toby was in little league baseball. I expected he would be a hilarious coach similar to Mr. Buttermaker in Bad News Bears.

We were both wrong. Season four came back with a boom about five years later than the end of Season three, with Kenny Powers getting married to his former girlfriend and the mother of his son, April. Kenny seems to have slowed life down from his celebrity lifestyle, but is still the same jerk to everybody in his path.

In the first episode, Kenny seems to work on becoming a family man. Like the old Kenny though, he struggles to get along with people because of his lifestyle. He is working at a car lot and constantly getting into arguments with his boss. He is miserable and it is quite obvious.

One night at a VIP party, Kenny remembers his life as a star and he relapses by going insane in the parking lot. This causes him to get into his hidden stash of drugs and begins to dig the pool he has always dreamed about in his backyard.

“I think in the next episode, Kenny will leave his family again,” said Elder junior Jeff Linneman. “He’s always finding a way to cause chaos in the show.”

Who knows what will happen in the next episode. Find out what happens with Kenny on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on HBO. I guarantee you will be dying of laughter and want to watch more.