Cup Pong: boom or bust?


A new craze sweeping seemingly all Iphone users phones, is the new Game Pigeon app, Cup Pong. The game Cup Pong seems stupidly easy when you open it up. All you have to do is swipe your finger in the direction of a cup and attempt to land the ball inside of said cup. However, the game is not nearly as easy as it sounds. The fewer amount of cups left, the harder it gets.

Furthermore, I personally have a bone to pick with the game Cup Pong: bouncing the ball in. Bouncing the ball into the cups is one of the easiest ways to score in the game, but probably the most uncool way to do it. I think there should be rules where the ball must be thrown in the air all the way into the cup for it to be considered a make.

Also, I do not think if you make the first cup in the middle of them all, should count. That cup should not be pulled and you should lose your second throw. With that being said, I think the Cup Pong creators did an average job creating this game. There are many rules the game is lacking, that I believe should be included in there, as well as difficulty level.

Click here for an interactive graphic of how the app looks and works on your smart phone.

Some of the great things about this new feature is that you can Imessage with the Game Pigeon app; you can continue a conversation over text while playing the games, and it is a great way to interact with your friends or that special somebody in your life.

I personally enjoy the Game Pigeon games very much. They are semi-addictive, and are a great way to settle almost any disputes over text.

I caught up with another fan of the Game Pigeon software, Wyatt Albers. Albers said, “I like the Cup Pong game even though I am not very good at it. It is a great way to have some more fun over text.”

Also, Vince Sabato said, “I have actually never lost a game in Cup Pong, and honestly do not think anyone can beat me or even compete with me in the game.” He concluded, “I am always open to a little competition, so if you think you can hang then step into the gauntlet (shoot him a text).

One downfall to the app is the amount of ads that are slowly starting to appear in these games. Ads are perhaps the worst thing ever invented. I would rather choke on an ice cube than watch all these ads . Ridiculous. #done with all the ads.

I definitely like the new games added to the Game Pigeon app including, Tanks, basketball, mini golf, and a plethora of others. If you are ever looking for a good time with some friends, I would definitely recommend taking a gander at the Game Pigeon apps.

After strict reviews, I am fully prepared to give this game a great 8.7457 out of 10.

Included here is a YouTube tutorial that can guarantee you a win every time.