The most popular music at Elder

The most popular music at Elder

Different generations, and even class grades, listen to different kinds of music. People listen to upbeat music when they are happy, and they listen to slow music when they are sad. The teachers and students of Elder listen to a wide variety of music and are no exceptions to this rule. These are results when I asked them about their favorite genres.

Mr. Groszek- Teacher

One teacher who is a well-known music fan is Mr. Groszek. Mr. Groszek is always playing music every morning for all who walk in the second floor hallway to hear. He likes many different kinds of music from classic rock to reggae. He became a fan of so many different kinds of music because he has been exposed to so many different things. He was in the Peace Corps, and he grew up listening to classic rock. He said it depends on what kind of mood he as to what he listens to. He told me what he loves about music, and how other people can develop a taste for multiple genres of music. He said, “What will happen when you get older is music will take you back to certain times in your life because that’s what you listened to about that time… Listen to what other people are listening to.”

Mr. Quatman- Teacher

Mr. Quatman is fresh out of college and is basically a ninth year senior, so it is no shock he listens to similar music as most students. Mr. Quatman likes almost every genre of music, but he says his favorites are alternative rock and hip hop. His favorite artists are Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jay-Z, 21 Pilots and Walk the Moon. He has been bumping Kendrick’s new album while he “turns up” in his car. His favorite song off the album is HUMBLE., but Kendrick is not his favorite singer. His favorite singer is Kanye West. Mr. Quatman said, “I almost like every single Kanye West song. I’m a big Kanye fan… I really like the beat to all of his songs. I really like his creative lyrics.”

Kendrick Lamar’s new album from

Nick Heyl- Senior

Nick Heyl is a hip hop and R&B fan. He likes Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller’s old stuff. He also thinks Kendrick’s new album is “fire.” His favorite song by Mac Miller is the rap classic known as “Donald Trump.” He told what he finds so mesmerizing about rap. “The deep meaning and the steady flow… It’s all like poetry,” he said.

Tyler Durr-Junior

Tyler Durr is a big fan of country music, and he especially loves classic country. His favorites are Eric Church, Jason Aldean, and Garth Brooks. He was just at the Eric Church concert a few weeks ago, and he got to see his favorite song by him, Talladega, performed live. His favorite song by Garth Brooks is Callin’ Baton Rouge. He was also at Garth’s concert this year when he came to Cincinnati. He is a fan of country music because he grew up around it. “I grew up in Indiana, lived in Kentucky, and all of my family is from a small town,” said Durr.

Maxwell Deters- Sophomore

Maxwell Deters likes two genres of music that most people consider opposites: hip hop and country. His favorites artists are Eric Church, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar. He was also at the Eric Church concert a few weeks ago. He said he’s always liked country music. “I’ve been growing up listening to him and other country artist like Toby Keith and Luke Bryan,” said Deters.

His favorite rap songs are DNA. By Kendrick, A$$ by Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj, Portland by Drake, and Heat Stroke by Calvin Harris. “When I hear heat stroke and ass I get really happy,” said Deters.

Isaiah Moss- Freshman

Isaiah Moss’s favorite genres and pop and country. He is a bug Kodak Black fan, and he said he is disappointed that Kodak is back in jail. He was going to go to his concert, and he is not going to go if he is not there. His favorite rap songs are HUMBLE., off of Kendrick Lamar’s new album, and Tunnel Vision by Kodak. His favorite country singer is Dierks Bentley.

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Elder High School students and faculty members all listen to a variety of different music. Some people like the oldies while others get excited every time a new album drops. Everyone has his or her favorite songs and artists, and I hope people are willing to try other kinds of music instead of just listening to one genre.