One more year of goals

One more year of goals

At the end of every school year the senior Quill writers are asked to look back and reflect on what they accomplished. I decided to do the opposite of that. This is what a few of the Elder seniors expect to accomplish their senior year.

I surveyed students with different expectations for the year. I surveyed some students with academic goals, some with athletic goals, and some with very low goals.

What is your biggest goal for Senior year?

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QB 1 .5, basketball substitute, and baseball player Danny Nieman had a wide variety of goals for himself. He has goals from getting first honors all four quarters in his AP classes to “State, State, State” in every sport.

“I’m looking to live it up, ya know. Last year here… I’d like to improve my class ranking,” said Nieman.

From ehsports
Danny Nieman attempting to achieve his goals of “State, State, State”

Nieman is just looking forward to enjoying his senior year. He wants to try to get the most he can out of his senior year because he does not, like the rest of the seniors, have a lot of time left at Elder. He also does not have a main goals this year. He wants to accomplish all of them.

Jacob Macaluso is a senior with very different goals. His main goal is just to graduate. He is part of the track team, but he is not involved in any other clubs or organizations.

One of his main goals for senior year is to graduate as easily as possible.

“I’m not a big homework guy,”  he said. He also said he does not like to study or stay at school longer than he has to.

The last senior whose goals I decided to put in this story is John Keehan.

My main goal in to get accepted into and get scholarships to every university I apply to. I want to keep first honors and remain in the National Honor Society to help me get into all my colleges. Elder has been the best four years of my life so far, and I will make sure I have as much fun as possible in my last year.

I’m looking to live it up, ya know.

— Danny Nieman

Seniors goal range from getting first honors all four quarters, to winning state in every sport they play, to just graduating, and everything in between. Some just want to join as many clubs as possible, so they can finally be in the yearbook more than just their class picture. Whatever your goals are for your last year, seniors, I hope you make the most out of it. Enjoy your last year accomplishing as many or as few goals as you want to.