Apps bust after hot start


GamePigeon, Houseparty, and Pokémon GO

Apps are a way to life.  Some people can’t live without them.  We all have our favorite ones and we all have the ones we hate, but keep them on our phone for some odd reason.

Then there are those apps you look back on and think of the good times and wonder to yourself, why did I stop getting on those?

This story’s main point is to call to mind three apps that took the Elder hallways by storm with labels of being the greatest app ever, but suddenly fell off the map.


Ever wanted to Facetime multiple friends at once?  Well this is exactly the function of this app.

Taken in class

Looking back on it, the fact that this became one of the hottest apps during the winter of 2017 amazes me.  Houseparty was made so that you can have up to eight people all in one video chat.

Now you may be thinking, “That can get annoying with eight people talking at once,” and you would be right.  The hype surrounding this app was a little too much, but senior Nick Hilsinger would beg to differ.

“Personally, I still use the app and think it’s a great way to communicate with friends,” said Nick.

Now of course there are the select few who still think the app could still become great and try to bring back to life what has already been dead for a while.

Hilsinger also added that he thinks the amount of data needed and the amount of battery that it took of was a big contributor to the downfall.

Houseparty was one of the most hyped apps in a while and what a bust.  I think everyone benefited from this app’s collapse.

Pokémon Go

Who misses the days of seeing kids walk around the city with their eyes glued into their phones looking for animals that don’t exist?  Because I sure as heck don’t.

Taken from MobyGames

Pokémon Go sparked controversy throughout its hot run due to many wrecks being caused because of clueless kids walking into streets looking for pokémon.  Also, the app was getting hacked by others who were learning their location due to the app.

The many red flags could have predicted the downfall, so if there were many things wrong, what made it so attractive?

“The fact that you could see yourself and pokémon all over on maps of your surroundings was something different all of us thought was enticing,” said part time user of the app, Alex Hils.

The app made you feel like a real life Ash Ketchum which drew the attention of the youth.

I’m glad to see this app lose all its popularity and so was Alex.  “It was annoying to see all the kids looking at their phones and paying no attention to life.  It made society look bad.”

Screenshotted from groupchat


Now I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed beating everyone in eight ball pool as much as the next person.  What I didn’t enjoy was the countless invites to play random games over and over and over and over again.

So as we all enjoyed it for a while, it kind of got old real fast and the effort to respond to games was non-existent.

“It was very repetitious,” said senior Nick Albers. “It got very boring when all everyone wanted to play was cup pong.”

The decline of this app was inevitable due to the app’s ability to not adapt and change.  It was the same app as when you first downloaded it in the first place.


These three apps were no doubt fun and caught our attention real quick, but it has me thinking what could be the next big bust?  We will just have to sit back and find out.