Stranger Things: Season 2 preview

When Netflix began producing their own TV series and movies they came up with many big time shows that people love to watch. Shows such as House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos, and many others that have been around for a while now. They brought a lot of viewers to Netflix. Today, the most highly anticipated series on Netflix that is returning for a second season is Stranger Things created by Matt and Ross Duffer.

Stranger Things came out last year in July. This thrilling Netflix drama tells of a time in the early 80’s in a small urban town in Indiana where tales of science fiction occur. Just recently, Stranger Things won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress, and Outstanding Drama Series.

After Season 1, many holes and unanswered questions were left. That has many fans wondering what’s to come for this upcoming season. Earlier this week, I got the chance to interview senior Michael Tucker who’s a big fan of the show and hear what his thoughts were about the show itself and how he feels about Season 2 coming up:


Stranger Things: Season 2 on Netflix

Q: What was your favorite part in Season 1?

MT (Michael Tucker): Every episode just has you feeling like “what’s gonna happen next?” It was interesting how Will was able to talk to his mother through lights while he was taken.

Q: How do you feel about this upcoming season?

MT: There were just so many unanswered questions such as what ever happened to Barb last season and if she’s coming back for this season; also when Will coughed up something in the sink and what could that possibly lead to moving forward.

Q: What do you expect for Season 2?

MT: I honestly think it’ll definitely be better than the last season I know that because they have like more that’s to come for everyone than ever before and really I just feel like it got so famous they need to make as good as possible. That’s just how I feel.

Q: If you could make a prediction to happen in Season 2 in a brief sentence, what would you say?

MT: Eleven comes back and Will gets taken again.


After hearing Michael’s thoughts about Season 2, how do you feel about what Netflix has in store for Stranger Things? Many of these holes and unanswered questions will hopefully unfold when Season 2 premieres on Netflix October 27th. Stay tuned…

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