My blast from the past video games

I played many video games as a young child. I mention some of them that i played.
Photo Credit to Life Storage

I played many video games as a young child. I mention some of them that i played. Photo Credit to Life Storage

Growing up playing video games was something of a hobby for me. I still did the normal things that young children do like going outside and being disruptive; that is what every child remembers from their early days.

A classic game that I played when I was younger was Sonic. I really found it interesting.

My first video game that I played was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis. I can say that it was nostalgic though it wasn’t complex and there weren’t a lot of controls to memorize. Sadly I have never made it that far into the game or even beat the game entirely but, I did have fun playing it and that is what really mattered to me.

The second game that I played was also on the Genesis called The Ooze. Many people didn’t like this game because the fact that you were controlling a green Ooze; some people were even terrified by this idea. The main objective of the game was to get to the next stage without being killed, if you were killed you had to start the level you were on all over again. At the same time you also had to gain points and energy with the green Ooze that you were controlling. The more energy you gained the more powerful it got. I do remember playing this game vaguely but I never got that far into it.

The next game that I remember is from a system that I had for many years. After I moved on from the Sega Genesis, I bought a PlayStation 2. This was the first gaming system that really got me I spent tons of money on the games for it. Overall, I think I ended up having up over 50-60 games for this system. The majority of the games I had for my Ps2 were ones that I always played.

GTA San Andreas was a game that I enjoyed as a young child.

The first one to mention is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was a bit of an enigma for me, I never really got into the campaign because it was the hardest story on any Grand Theft Auto game that I ever played and I have only played few of them out of the entire series. I remember playing this game to the point that it didn’t work anymore; the disc ended up breaking. I had a blast free roaming in the game. To me it felt like that was more fun than the actual game and a lot of people would agree with me.

Other games that I remember playing on my PS2 were games based off Lego. The first one was Lego Indiana Jones. I remember playing this game quite frequently; it was exciting to play something that was adventurous. I found the game to be humbling. I liked how the controls felt; they were simple, not even one of them felt like they were stuck. The game is basically based off of the Indiana Jones movies, I really don’t have one particularly favorite part of the game, all three parts just feature different characters.

The last but not least games that I remember playing were on the Xbox 360. This is a system that I played up until I bought a PS4 two years ago. I currently still have an Xbox but I don’t really play it that much just because I have one of the newest systems out there.

One of the games that enjoyed playing on my Xbox was Grand Theft Auto Four. This had to be one of the best games that I had when I was younger.

GTA Four was a real blast to play when I had my Xbox 360.

The game itself was phenomenal, the graphics were outstanding for the time it was released. It was released in 2008 and it still looks good right now even with the PS4 capable of having 4K graphics.

The main character and the main story is what really sets the game apart. The main character, Niko Bellic, comes to America looking for the true “American Dream”. He finds out early that it would not be as easy as his cousin Roman was constantly getting himself into trouble with the mob and having trouble with debt. Niko eventually came out of it. The first impressions that I had on the game was that it was a great, fluent game. It played well and the story followed right along with it.

I enjoyed all the games I have mentioned and they still are fresh in my mind, even with having a new system.