The Voice set for another successful season

This season marks the thirteenth season of The Voice, a popular singing competition televised by NBC. Along with the great talents that come on to the show, The Voice features the power with its superstar judges: Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Hudson. All of these judges have had major success in their musical careers, proving that they have what it takes to develop the next musical superstar.

The show has taken off in the past few years, ultimately ending the run of FOX’s former singing competition, American Idol. The show not only gains the attention of its millions of fans watching at home, but it draws the attention of many other celebrities who have a big influence on today’s American pop culture.

While this season’s ratings are a bit down from the past couple seasons, the show still has many fans. Many Elder students I have talked to do not watch the show due to a lack of interest. But I do. The Voice shows me many different talents, and it showcases the next musical superstars.

While many people watch the show when it airs, The Voice also is popular through social media, especially through Twitter. The Voice has over five million followers on Twitter, with an additional one million followers on Instagram.

Also, the show puts songs that are performed by the contestants on iTunes, where the world can listen to the voices of these hopeful stars.

Judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have been on the show for quite some time, and have created their rivalry with each other. Shelton and Levine are what the show thrives upon. But, the newer judges, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson are the new features to the show.

Blake Shelton standing with Adam Levine (photo from

Both have very unique personalities, Miley Cyrus’s being evident through her music videos and style. She racks in team members due to her big ego, and her overall persona. This season marks her second season on the show.

The newest coach on The Voice is Jennifer Hudson who is a former champion of American Idol. She brings power to the show. She is not afraid to speak her mind, whether that be good or bad, and she certainly knows how to ridicule her fellow judges.

Both of these judges in my opinion bring a new spark to the show. They have very expressive personalities, making them a perfect fit for the public eye. It is much more entertaining to watch the judges beg and plead in any way possible for an artist to join their team than watching ones who just sit back and let things happen.

Personally, my favorite part of the show are the blind auditions, which are at the beginning of each season. The suspense of the judges turning their chairs around for contestants is much better than the singing battles that partake in the rest of the season. This is when you really get to see the different personalities of the coaches.

Many of the former champions of the shows have had much success, many are still connected musically with their former coaches on The Voice.

Through The Voice, the world gets to see maybe the “next big thing” in music. The show broadcasts the bonding of raw musical talent with stardom in the musical world. The Voice gives us all a glimpse of the artists who we may hear as we drive in our cars for years to come.