Music I enjoy

Michael Frogge enjoys listening to a rather eclectic mix featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.

photoshop by Maurer and Rogers

Michael Frogge enjoys listening to a rather eclectic mix featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam.

Many people that listen to music know that there are different kinds of genres. The majority of people that listen to any music today, listen to modern pop music or rap. I’m really not the kind of person that would listen to that type of music. The music I listen to is more revolutionary than modern day’s music and in my personal opinion it is better than modern music.

The first band that I enjoy listening to is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This band has a unique style that imitated by others and they utilize lots of sounds in their music. The reason I listen to this music is because it sounds authentic and they blend and mix various sounds into what they produce. They are one of the most famous bands in the world, they have produced hits such as Give it away, Me and my friends, By the Way and many others. The amazing work of vocalist Anthony Kiedis and bass guitarist Flea make this band stand out.

Fans of the “chili peppers” cannot forget the contributions of lead guitarist John Frusciante. He joined the band in the early 90’s and spent many years with the band. The peppers also have many other hits that have topped that charts, notably Warped off of their album, One Hot Minute. This particular song is very trippy; almost having ties back to certain songs of the past, even with the song being published in 1995. Again, the reason I like this band is because they blend different styles into their music and they sound authentic.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been a favorite for awhile, their sound is very unique and it is better than most bands today.

The next band that I am going to talk about is Pearl Jam. This band came around started in the early 1990’s. The lead singer Eddie Vedder started the band and recruited guitarist Mike Mcready and Stone Gossard. Their first album called ten was published in 1991 and featured chart topping hits such as Even flow, Alive, and Once. Their fan base is one of the more popular in the world; they have been popular for a very long time. More of their bigger hits came later in their career such as Better Man, Given to Fly, Hail-Hail and many others. Better Man has become one of their concert favorites and when the band plays that song the fans sing along to the lyrics. One of the live videos has the crowd singing along to the first minute of the song, even before Eddie Vedder took over for the remainder.  I remember watching and listening to the song and being amazed about the crowd being truly into all the songs. The reason I listen to this band is because they revolutionized what rock music is.  At first they were a hard rock/grunge band and evolved into a lyric driven upbeat kind of band but still kept a certain type of edge to them that other bands cannot bring.

Pearl Jam revolutionized how music was supposed sound . they have been a favorite band of mine for years.

This type of music is very much different than the modern pop music or bad rap music that many listen to. It brings creativity to a level that today’s modern music cannot match. It is also more influential and well thought out. Music from the past takes longer to produce because bands wanted to make it sound and feel right. Music of today’s times does not take as much time as it did over twenty or thirty years ago. Any pop or rap lyricist can come up with an idea within weeks or even months to brainstorm an idea. In my opinion, music from the past sounds better than modern times because it is a well thought out process. This is evident when you listen to any band from the past.