Best GameCube games ever made

GameCube may not be remembered, but it will never be forgotten.


Video games are a very common part of people’s lives growing up. Whether you were involved with a computer, X-box, or PlayStation, you probably had a game that was played countlessly.

My gaming system growing up was GameCube. I feel like GameCube was one of the most underappreciated systems ever created. Think about this, GameCube was released to the United States in 2001. For the graphics at the time, it is pretty amazing that they could create games that actually felt realistic.

I’m going down memory lane a little bit and looking at what I feel like are the best games from that era.

MVP Baseball 2005– MVP Baseball was a video game that ended too soon. When MVP Baseball was in business, its main competitor was 2k. 2k did not stand a chance against MVP Baseball. The graphics on any 2k game on GameCube were slow and did not just flow correctly. MVP Baseball is like the modern day The Show. It has similar personation for the players gear, batting stances, and on field play. The graphics are better than some baseball games that were made after 2005. If you are a baseball game fan, I would highly recommend this one if you are still interested in the cube.

Photo taken from Playstation Games
Gameplay from MVP Baseball 05

NCAA Football 2003NCAA Football is a game that became very addicting because it fun gameplay. First off, the graphics are pretty good. If you are play this game, glitches are hard to come by. Also, it is a college game (no company is allowed to make college games anymore). There is nothing better than playing for your favorite school and players on a video game. Gamers can be the coach at your school of choice. The cool thing about being a coach is controlling everything about the school. Recruiting, scheduling, redshirting, and many other aspect are duties during dynasty mode.

Photo taken from Youtube
Gameplay from NCAA Football 03

Simpson’s Hit and Run- This was one of the few games that I enjoyed which was not a sports game. Simpson’s Hit and Run came out in 2003, just two years after the introduction of the GameCube. The game is funny because there is always humor being said between the characters, even though it is a video game. The purpose of the Simpsons game involves doing missions by car, even though you can choose where you want and when you want to complete them. But my favorite part of the game was just driving around and seeing the whole city of Springfield in a video game.

Photo taken from Techreporter
Gameplay from the Simpson’s Hit and Run

Any Tony Hawk skateboarding game- I have never met a person in my life who didn’t love to play Tony Hawk. It is a game where you can be uneducated in skateboarding but still know what you are doing. Tony Hawk was always fun to play because of the cities. Gamers can choose any downtown from different places to skate. In any Tony Hawk game, you can choose different skaters which is also a unique thing. If you are ranking any GameCube game, this would definitely be at the top of the list.

Photo taken from Youtube
Gameplay from Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.

Yes, most of these games are sports related. In my opinion, sports games beat any other strategy or shooter games because of how realistic they are. Although, there are some terrible games for GameCube. NBA Live 05, Zelda and MLB 2k6 are just a few of the really mediocre games. One of the main reasons for the bad reviews is simply graphics. If the graphics aren’t very good, people will not like it.

GameCube discontinued it sales worldwide in 2007. Between 2001 and 2007, a total of 21.74 million units were sold. GameCube took over Nintendo 64 and was replaced by the Nintendo Wii. The GameCube was a video game staple for many people to enjoy throughout the years. For me, it still is a pleasure to play a vintage system that provides solid games.