The Top gaming consoles

The Top gaming consoles

In my life I have experienced three different eras of gaming consoles.

Starting with the PlayStation 2 and ending with today’s Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. People always argue which of these systems is the best. All of these systems are fantastic all provided people with a lot of joy and all have something special about each other

The PlayStation 2 came out on March 4, 2000 which was is one the most successful video game consoles in history. Sony sold 155 million units before they came out with the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 2 was one of the first consoles to have the ability to play online. Another features that PS2 was the first to have was the ability to play DVD.

Some of the best games on PlayStation 2 were Grand Theft Auto San Andreas which sold 17 million copies of the game. Some of my personal favorite games were The NCAA football games and street football. The problem with the system is the memory. People did not like constantly changing memory cards. The biggest problem was the disc reading system that would hardly ever work and would ruin your games.

The Xbox 360 came out on November 22, 2005 starting the next era which also included the PlayStation3. These were the first system where the online feature was used to its fullest potential. You are not mentally tough unless you went through an Xbox 360 party. In these party’s people would say the cruelest things imaginable on the regular. The best games on here were the Call of Duty series, Halo and still the NCAA games. The biggest problem with the Xbox 360 was the red ring of death which was when the system would over heat and turn the ring around the power button red. Biggest problem with PlayStation 3 was also it overheating at times.

The PlayStation 4 was released on November 15, 2013 and seven short days later,Microsoft gave us the Xbox One. Sony and Microsoft got rid of the overheating problem in the latest systems. They also added a lot of cool features such as for the PlayStation change their controller to have a pad in the middle to make it better. While Microsoft added a new display when going into the main menu. Best games on these systems have been NBA 2k, Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto five. The biggest problem with the PlayStation has been how long the load screens are and how long the games take to download. The biggest problem with the Xbox One is how the controllers still uses battery instead of just going on a charger.

I would say the best era of gaming consoles would have to be Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. They are the best because they had the best features for the time period they were in like being backwards compactly. The problem with PlayStation2 is there wasn’t enough capability to play with other Consoles. For the PlayStation4 and Xbox one they really were not that much different than their predecessors. On PlayStation4 I do the same things I did on Xbox 360 which is join a party and play the games with my friends.