Unique storytelling helps Netflix show stand out

Review of How I Met Your Mother


The cast in order 1) Marshall, 2) Lily, 3) Ted, 4) Robin and 5) Barney

I don’t consider myself a Netflix addict, but I have binge watched my share of shows. One of my favorites is How I Met Your Mother.

The show is mainly about Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, looking for the love is his life in huge New York City. Ted is telling the story of how he met his wife to his kids in the future. Perhaps his most intriguing story is toward the end when Robin and Barney get married. He meets their mother in the town where they get married, but the road to get her is the climax.

There is a major theme that is echoed in this show. First, Ted never gives up. The whole context of the show is his road to find the one. This show was was first aired in 2014 which is not too long ago, but many middle-aged Americans are not in a big of a hurry to settle down. However, Ted feels the urge when Marshall and Lily get married. Ted’s determination and sometimes even desperation to find his wife is very evident throughout the show.

Ted has four best friends in the show: Robin, Lily, Marshall and Barney. He lives with Robin, Lily and Marshall. Robin is played by Cobie Smulders. Cobie’s other notable films are The Avengers and Jack Reacher. Robin and Ted date during the show but do not end up marrying. Ironically, Robin marries Barney towards the end of the show. Barney, who is played by Neil Patrick Harris, is in the movie Gone Girl. His other notable exposure is in Heineken Beer commercials.

Lily and Marshall are a married couple who help Ted solve many of his relationship issues and are mainly a very stable couple in the show. Alyson Hannigan plays Lily in the show, and Jason Segel plays Marshall. Alyson Hannigan is most popular for acting in this show. On the other hand, Jason Segel is in multiple other films including Forgetting Sarah Marshall and This Is 40.

Overall, some of the most unique aspects of this show involve the context of how the show is carried out. As I mentioned before, the story is being told to Ted’s two kids in the future. This adds the aspect of some creative language used by Ted to make them look better than they really are in certain situations.

Another cool part of the show is how many flashbacks there are. Some of the episodes involve their college days or even earlier. In those episodes there were many of the group’s theories tested. Many of the theories were created by Barney and tested by Ted in his search.

One of the more important of the theories and codes was their Bro Code. It was Barney’s book of all the rules of being bros. Some episodes were focused on the code and others did not involve it, but it was a big factor in a lot of Ted’s decisions.

In sum, Netflix should for sure keep this in their library or they will be getting rid of one of the better shows. Although, no reports of it being kicked off Netflix have surfaced, the company has been excavating some of their most popular shows for no apparent reason to viewers. I would strongly recommend watching How I Met Your Mother. Just one episode can be hilarious and very serious at the same time, which makes it such a quality watch.