The Project takes over Cincinnati’s radios

The Project takes over Cincinnati’s radios

In the past year, there has been a different sound coming from car radios in Cincinnati more than ever before. The Project is Cincinnati’s new alternative radio station, and its popularity is still rising. A sister station of WEBN, The Project has two FM frequencies-100.7 and 106.3-and plays a wide range of rock and indie music, varying from Bob Marley to Imagine Dragons. It also plays new music before other stations, and unfamiliar artists are also played. For example, the song “Royals” by Lorde was played on The Project a month before it could be heard on Q102. This new station is a welcome change for music fans who aren’t interested in talk shows or annoying advertisements, and has already been added to iHeartRadio.

The Project uses a style of radio that many stations claim to have but don’t live up to: non-stop music. There are no talk shows, traffic, news or weather reports, and advertisements are only played in five minute blocks in every hour. There is a constant stream of music going at all times, similar to Pandora or other online radio sites. The new station also has Remote Control Radio, a nightly program that allows phone and Internet users to select and vote for which song is played next.  Many people get involved, including Elder students. Adam Gardner, Nathan Herdemann and Mark Meier are just a few of the many Panthers that vote nightly.

Senior Matt Listermann is a big fan of The Project.

“I’ve been listening to it for over a year. I enjoy the music on it, and love the ‘Remote Control Radio’ from 7 to midnight. It lets you feel like you’re important.”

The Project has also started a trend of bringing high-profile bands to Cincinnati.

In August, the Project hosted their first concert as part of their first year anniversary party. They brought Panic! at the Disco to Bogart’s, and the event sold out quickly. This show was so successful that the radio station decided to have another concert. They announced The Big Wicked, The Project’s Halloween party, for October 25th, with twenty one pilots, an up-and-coming indie band, performing that night. This show sold out within the first hours of tickets going on sale.

When a second night of this concert was announced, tickets sold just as fast. The station wanted to capitalize on this amazing concert sale, and they did so by announcing The Project’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Party for December 14th with 30 Seconds to Mars performing. Although the concert is less than a month away, it sold out in early October. The rising success of The Project’s shows will bring many more popular bands to Cincinnati.

The Project is a new and fresh take on radio. Next time you’re in the car, turn on the radio and tune in. With new fans, non-stop music and large concerts, The Project keeps getting better.