School of Rock is a must see

A forgotten film for many

Cover page (lawyersgunmoneyblog)

Cover page (lawyersgunmoneyblog)

Are you looking for a comical tale that will exhilarate your senses with every action-packed scene it has to offer? The highly slept-on and some may even say forgotten film, The School of Rock, might just meet your needs.

Dewey Finn, played by well-known actor Jack Black, finds himself in a tough situation after getting kicked out of his close-knit garage band. Between the stresses of everyday life and financial failure, Finn finds himself in desperate need of money, pronto. One morning while staying in his buddy Ned’s apartment, he answers a phone call intended for Ned. The call came from a prestigious, private elementary school inquiring if Ned would be interested in subbing long term at the school. In desperate need of some cash, Finn claims to be Ned Schneebly, and accepts the offer. While teaching at the school, Finn notices his students’ uncanny musical talent and begins teaching them some of his very own tricks. In seeing the potential of his students, Finn devises a plan to get himself back on the “rock band” stage.

The overall production of the film was very well put together and had a nice flow. One thing that really stood out was the acting roles of the young students in the film. Their dialogue and interaction with Black was phenomenal and never failed to bring a laugh. Also, the setting and scenery were definitely taken into close consideration as every location of filming had purpose and value that brought life and atmosphere to the story.

As far as characters go, Jack Black stole the show with his overly excitable and comical nature, making it quite enjoyable to watch. Black is no stranger to lead roles as he has stared in many films including: Nacho Libre, Kung Fu Panda, and Gulliver’s Travels just to name a few. Another character who played well into her designated role was Miranda Cosgrove as Summer Hathaway. Cosgrove surely did not shy away from her bossy and independent attitude while playing Summer in the film. She displayed her leadership in accepting the responsibility of band manager. Also no stranger to popularity as she has starred in several productions, most famously her well known TV series, iCarly.

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Regarding the other characters in the film, they played great into the hype surrounding Finn in fulfilling his lifelong dream of getting back on stage. Principal Rosalie Mullins, played by Joan Cusack, plays an important role the plot. Her strict nature soon falls under the spell of Finn’s army of comedy that she can’t help but join in on the fun.

The special effects, especially the ones displayed on stage while the band is playing, really add to the scenery of each event. Pyrotechnics, lights, and smoke are all utilized throughout the story, really setting the piece apart from other films of its nature.

To learn more about this slapstick film, dive into your Hulu account or make a quick purchase at your local store. I promise it will not disappoint.