Your WORST Nightmare

Annabelle awakens and keeps me awake.


Dolls are scary….TRUST ME

Have you ever been in a movie theatre, and almost jumped out of your seat?

It was like she was right in front of my eyes, and the movie wasn’t even 3D! I mean, honestly, I wish I would not have even gone. I am a senior in high school and should not be having nightmares, but let me tell you something I did not go to bed that night, not after seeing that little creepy doll.

Over the summer, I went to the movie Annabelle Comes Home. It was a great summer night and I went to the movies with some friends around ten at night. I am not a fan of horror movies at all and this movie made me never want to watch a horror movie again. The movie ended at twelve in the morning, and I was up until 4:30 all night. I worked the next day, but even though it was daytime, I was still freaking out.

So the movie is based on a family who is mostly normal with one daughter named Judy. They are just another ordinary family until you see their secret room of evil. They have it locked up and it contains all the evil spirits you can think of, but none are worse than the horrific Annabelle doll. Annabelle will haunt you to death if she gets free from that room. It was so intriguing because I have never watched a movie where the exact opposite of what I thought was going to happen happened. The way that they had the shadows moving when all hell broke loose just made you feel like you were there.

The main characters are the daughter Judy, the babysitter Mary, and her friend Katie. Judy does a fantastic job. She sells that she is possessed so well, and you actually believe that she herself is not in control of her body. Mary who was the babysitter also played her role very well. She knows that the daughter’s life is in her hands, and you can see her determination in her eyes. Mary’s friend, Katie on the other hand was not as good. She always did the exact opposite of what she was supposed to and you just knew she was going to mess up all the time.

The supporting characters were Bob, the neighbor who has a crush on Mary, and Mom and Dad. They fit in very well because they kind of set the story up. Mom and Dad were not really there at all, but the background they described of Annabelle was great. Bob who seemed shy and weak was actually not when the situations came and he needed to save the day!

The special affects of the monsters coming out of nowhere was amazing. Also, when Annabelle would be in one spot they would move her and she would just appear out of nowhere which was very cool, but too scary. Lastly, they would have someone who was normal go crazy while the camera was on them. Their face would go from normal to zombie like which was insane.

I seriously do think this is a great movie, but I don’t like being on the verge of almost ruining my pants. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Like I honestly believed that my life was in danger even though I knew that it was just a movie, or at least I hope so!