Bill Burr’s drops new special

Bill Burr’s sixth hour-long special will become available on Netflix on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, comedian Bill Burr’s new special will drop on Netflix.

Bill Burr is a stand-up comedian from Massachusetts. He is well-known for his trademark angry delivery on-stage, as well as appearances on TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Chappelle Show.

His previous hour-long specials are critically-acclaimed and can be found on Netflix. They include Why Do I Do This?, You People are All the Same, Let it Go, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, and Walk Your Way Out. In these specials, Burr joked about a wide-variety of topics, ranging from arguments with his girlfriend and his problems with chain restaurants to his plans for an apocalypse and his thoughts on population control.

Bill Burr’s newest special, Paper Tiger, is set to debut Tuesday on Netflix. According to the Netflix trailer he will be covering the topics of fatherhood, anger issues, outrage culture, and more. Becoming a new father has added a new element to diversify a comedy arsenal that consists largely of conspiracy theory, anger issues, and uninformed opinions.

Paper Tiger was filmed in London at Royal Albert Hall, the famous venue that has played host to several legendary events dating back to the 1800’s. This was the last stop on Burr’s 50 Tour, a tour premised on—you guessed it—turning 50 years old and the perspective that comes with that milestone. He traveled internationally to countries like Singapore and Israel, and made his last stop in Europe.

Burr dressed as Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham.

Burr admitted he was excited to perform at the historic venue. “I’m such a huge Led Zeppelin fan, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and all those guys, and I just couldn’t get past that fact that I was on the same stage that they had played. It is the most beautiful and iconic venue I’ve ever played in,” he said in an interview with Everything Standard UK.


Beyond the Special

Burr is wasting no time. He will be on the road as soon as September 16th in Charleston, SC. He says that he has been busy writing material because he wants to give the fans new material.

Frank Murphy (voiced by Bill Burr) wants to put you through a wall. (Photo courtesy of

He also keeps busy writing and acting for his animated Netflix show F is for Family. It follows a Massachusetts family and is loosely based off of Burr’s childhood. Its focus revolves around growing up in the 70’s. He pitched this show because he felt that some of his abstract jokes really needed a visual element. Said Burr, “I actually did an animated show because I thought I could get away with more.”

You can catch Bill Burr on his podcast. The Monday Morning Podcast releases every Monday and Thursday—for the Thursday Afternoon, Just Before Monday, Monday Morning Podcast. This podcast isn’t really focused on anything; instead, he just says whatever is on his mind for about 40 minutes, and it is quite funny. The tagline reads, “Bill rants about relationship advice, sports, and the Illuminati.” In it, you can hear his routine take shape.

Bill Burr has also been hinting on his podcast that he has a small role in a movie directed by Pete Davidson and Judd Apatow—director and producer of such movies as Anchorman and Talladega Nights.

So undoubtedly—even after the special has come and gone—we will still be seeing plenty of Bill Burr in the time to come.