News about the version 78 update and what you need to know.


This is what users saw when they opened their Google Chrome browser after the version 78 update.

As some of you may know Google Chrome, which is one of the most used search engine/browsers, recently had an update that caused the browser and extensions to be unusable. Google Chrome was able to be opened but all that would pop up would be the picture to the right. This can be very annoying/time consuming since people don’t always have another browser with all their bookmarks and extensions setup. While you can uninstall Chrome on your device, and reinstall Chrome to fix the crash issues, its not the only way so don’t be worried if that doesn’t work.

There are at least 6 ways to get Google Chrome back up and running, and Google has released a temporary patch to the problem. Hearing about a big company like Google releasing an update that gets tested by tech experts and still causes the whole browser to crash on loading is shocking. Not only does this affect Google and its users, it makes you wonder what those so-called tech experts were doing. Mr. Horvath the Network Administrator at Elder High School said that the update that Google released had a Code integrity issue that should’ve been found by the tech experts at Google.

When a bunch of students came into the help desk on October 23, Mr. Horvath and the others knew there was a problem. The help desk did some investigating and found out that the version 78 update was causing the issues. Mr. Horvath said, “I went to chrome on my computer, which I never do, and updated it to the newest version and that’s when I had the same issues.” The time it took the guys at the help desk to figure out what caused it and how to fix it was 30-45 minutes. They eventually had to put up a sign in the door on how to fix it, but as Mr. Horvath said, “they still come in.”

While if you look for what happened online you could find nothing. Not until around three days after the problem started was there something about it. However, the early articles didn’t really explain much about what had happened. Google themselves haven’t even released anything as of October 31, other than the temporary patch. “They like to point fingers,” said Mr. Horvath, as he explained that big companies like to blame others for mistakes.
Remember that Google has only released a version 78 update patch, and its no the final solution to the problem.

We need to remember that Google has only given us a temporary patch to the problem, while the big update is coming. So many people who have updates blocked aren’t getting the patches to help them take back control of their chrome browser. Elder High School was lucky enough to have a help desk who was on top of things and found, helped and, fixed the problem. We need to be looking out for any Chrome updates coming to fully fix this crashing problem.