Possible drug epedemic at Ohio University

Athens is home to Ohio University, but is it bringing in more than college students? A dangerous new drug called Krokodil was recently found in Athens. This drug is a heroin like drug containing gasoline that has some dangerous side effects; the drug can cause brain damage and scaly, greenish skin. The sheriffs of this popular college town are desperate to get the drug off the streets. Sheriff Pat Kelly made an offer after a women was caught using the drug in Athens

“We don’t want them selling this drug to anyone else,” Kelly said. “We want to get the stuff and get it tested. We are interested in helping the addict.”

Law enforcement promises to not arrest anyone who turns the drug in, they want to get it off the street. They say the woman bought the drug in Columbus thinking it was just normal heroin. The Sheriff’s department hopes it is just one batch and that they can stop the drug before it spreads.  They strongly encourage anyone who believes they may have taken the drug to seek immediate medical attention. This drug is dangerous and life threatening.

I asked Alex Kloepfer, a Purple Quill alumni and current student at Ohio University what he thought about this possible drug on campus.

“I’m not too worried about it myself I don’t do hard drugs or have any desire to try them.” said Kloepfer.“ I really hope they clean it up for the students’ sake.”

Alex promises to keep his eyes peeled for possible drug behavior on campus but is yet to see any one with the side effects of this harmful drug on campus. Hopefully it is just a onetime occurrence in Athens and not the beginning of an epidemic.