Magical Irish memories

truly a memorable experience

Magical Irish memories

Going to a Notre Dame Game is always memorable, and for me my first game was certainly memorable. The weather was blistering cold and snowy and with wind chill felt like it was five degrees. I went to the game with my dad and two brothers and we had great seats twelve rows up from the 25 yard line. The fighting Irish were playing BYU. The entire campus was buzzing and everyone seemed to be out and about tailgating and preparing for the night’s game.

The atmosphere in the stadium is very intimate and it felt like we were right on top of the field. Notre Dame stadium holds 80,000 plus fans and it seemed that every seat was filled, and even though it’s a huge crowd everyone is into the game.

I even felt into the game and I wouldn’t consider myself a huge Notre Dame fan, but the atmosphere draws you in. I don’t know if it was all the electric fans or the fact that the Irish won 23-13 but something about experiencing a game at Notre Dame was magical.

To my surprise Irish fans are very hostile to opposing teams, even for being a Catholic institution. My seats were near the visitors section and I couldn’t even count how many times the diehard Irish fans told the BYU fans to sit down. I will never forget the Irish fans that sat in the back of the end zone that spent a majority of the game messing with the BYU mascot. At one point a BYU fan tried to justify why they lost and that they didn’t get beat that bad, an Irish Fan quickly responded, “What do you mean you didn’t get killed…all you did was kick field goals.”

Notre Dame has a long and historic history and you can feel it when sitting on the old wooden benches. The bleachers are still small old wooden benches from back when men were only 5-8 and 145 pounds, but that doesn’t matter because if you so choose to sit down you won’t be for long. Throughout the entire game everyone around us was on their feet cheering on their fighting Irish.

If you haven’t been to a Notre Dame Game then I would recommend going, it truly was a great experience and is something I will remember for a life time.