Small businesses need our support now more than ever

As soon as this crisis has passed, we should all patronize local businesses who have suffered greatly during the pandemic.

As soon as this crisis has passed, we should all patronize local businesses who have suffered greatly during the pandemic.

Small businesses are taking a serious hit right now due to most of them not being able to open at all or only being allowed limited operations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to there are over 30 million small business in the US, making up the vast majority of all businesses in our country. Due to the current outbreak many of them are suffering greatly. Barber shops and spas haven’t been able to open for over five weeks. This means no profit for five weeks. No customers.

That is a long time with no income.

Some small business fear that they will have to close their doors for good due to the unplanned time off.

All non-essential business are forced to close their doors due to the Coronavirus

Right now most restaurants are doing curb side or delivery. Most small, family restaurants haven’t ever done curb side before. The service isn’t perfect and you might have to wait longer for your orders. Sure, it is easier to go through a large food chain drive through and get some-what quality food for a cheap price. But the food chains aren’t the ones taking a big hit right now. It’s the small one location restaurants that are suffering. But small restaurants aren’t the only ones taking a hit right now.

Curb side becoming the new normal.

Other small businesses that were forced to closed down in response to the outbreak. These include barber shops, retail stores, craft stores, antique stores, etc. That list is very small but should paint a big picture. When all these stores and services open back up (hopefully sooner rather than later) we need to spend our money at those places. For example, get that haircut that just about everyone needs right now at a local barber shop instead of going to a nation wide chain. Buy clothes from a small business instead of heading to a big retailer.

Another area that is taking a hit that isn’t necessary a business, but provides a service are nonprofit organizations. The only way that nonprofits are successful is by having people donate to a cause, expecting nothing in return for the donation. With millions of Americans out of work, they really have no extra money to give to nonprofits.

Everyone in the United States is somehow effected by the outbreak. Almost all of us are facing some sort of financial hardships. When America “re opens” after all of this and things return back to normal, remember to shop small. Keep the money local.

Support the business and non profits that are owned by your neighbors and community members. Folks all around are stepping up and helping support restaurants and business that are forced to close like in College Hill.