Travis Scott lends a helping hand to “Tenet”

Rapper contributes original music to the new Christopher Nolan film, Tenet.


Image Via Warner Bros.

Cover Art for Travis Scott’s new single ” The Plan”. Scott’s music is featured in the recently released Christopher Nolan film, Tenet.

Over the weekend Travis Scott unveiled his new song, “The Plan.” The song was produced for the upcoming film, Tenet, which is written and directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan, and the film’s composer Ludwig Göransson asked Scott to lend the film some artistic genius, and he did not disappoint.

Cover Art for “The Plan”

The song starts right off the bat with some heavy hitting, abrasive and pulsing synth sounds. It evokes feelings of fear and intensity, which is appropriate, given it is for an action movie. It does not take long for Scott to come in with his signature falsetto and heavily autotuned vocals. It has a very dreamy feel.

Production wise, it is not anything that we have not seen from Scott. The gritty and deep bass throughout the song is reminiscent of some of his earlier work such as Days Before Rodeo, and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. The vocals are reminiscent of his latest album Astroworld with melodic, slow and relaxing flows.

Scott did not really change anything up lyrically either. The song followed the basic theme that most of Scott’s songs do: Living fast and outrunning the repercussions. He does make a few references to the movie, though, specifically pointing out scenes in the film, and relating them to his theme of living fast.

I’ll admit, this is not a song that you listen to once and immediately get hooked. It took me a few listens before I started to like it and understand the vibe that Scott and Nolan were going for. Based on the trailer for Tenet, it certainly seems like this song will fit perfectly into the soundtrack. From an artistic point of view, this song was great. It stayed true to what Scott has done before, but still added a new flare to it.

Something that Scott does well with all his work is creating a specific feel and vibe for the song. “The Plan” was certainly no exception. It really engrosses you. It makes you feel as though you are the one out running bad guys in a stolen car, or that you are the one jumping from a 30 story building and surviving.

So yes. This song is most certainly worth a listen…and then another, and another. As usual Travis Scott did not disappoint. There is even speculation for a full-length album collaboration between Göransson and Scott. If this song is any indication of what that album would sound like, I’d be in heaven. Be sure to check out Tenet which hits theatres September 3.