Barnyard is a cinematic masterpiece you need to watch

A solid 10/10 movie that no one knows about

Otis makes fun of the postal service way before any issues with this years elections.


Otis makes fun of the postal service way before any issues with this year’s elections.

Movies are one of the best things to probably ever exist.

There are many different types of movies out there like drama, comedy, romantic, action, etc. Some of the best movies of all time have good dialogue, a good cast of characters, and of course good acting. Examples of these types of movies would include: The Godfather, Django Unchained, Remember the Titans, etc.

Other times, there will be awful acting, dialogue and it’s just overall bad (ex: Howard the Duck, Twister, Cars 2, and others).

In my opinion, this movie is one of the greatest pieces of film in cinema history. The characters in this film are fantastic, the dialogue is just great and its just a fun movie to watch at any time. This movie is Barnyard.

Otis and his friend Pig

Barnyard is just one of the greatest movies to ever exist. It’s a movie about what animals do when their owner isn’t home.

The farm is led by a cow named Ben who regulates everything while the farmer leaves. His son Otis is the opposite; he is the life of the party. Otis meets this new cow who comes in from across the country and he decides to throw a party so he can meet her. The party goes very well, but suddenly Ben ends up in a mess with coyotes. He stands his ground and fights them off until out of nowhere the main wolf jumps and bites him leading everyone else to do the same thing, one of the chickens alerts Otis about this event. Ben goes over to Ben and he ends up passing away in Otis’ arms

The next morning, they hold Ben’s funeral and afterwards the barn decided Otis will be the new leader. But Otis doesn’t want to be the leader. After Otis leaves for a while, he comes back to see the barn in absolute chaos, he sees them having a party that is extremely dangerous and wild. He stops the party and gets a revelation to avenge his father’s death. He leads his barnyard posse head off to the junkyard and they beat up the coyotes until they promise to never come back.

I highly suggest you go see this movie it is a cinematic masterpiece.