Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5


ps5 v xbox photo from brgaming

Within this past year, both Xbox and PlayStation have revealed their new consoles. This has again raised that golden question. Which one do you choose? Well hopefully I can help you out with that. Both consoles will no doubt be great but most likely you will only choose one.

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A look at the new Xbox. (Photo taken from

First, I will cover the new Xbox Series X. Microsoft plans to release their most powerful Xbox on November 10. It will have 4k gaming and run up to 120 frames per second via Xbox’s website. This is two times the framerate the Xbox One had at 60 frames per second. It will also have 8k hdr (high dynamic range). It will also be able to play Xbox One and 360 games carrying onto what they established in the Xbox One. The final cost for the console will be about $500. Many people I know will get the Xbox and I asked some why. Nick Culman, class of ’22, said, “I’ve always been getting the Xbox since I was little so why change now.”

A photo of the new PS5 with its new white color combo. (Photo taken by brgaming via instagram)

Second, the new PlayStation 5 has been confirmed to release on November 12. This would make sense since Xbox plans to come out two days prior. The specs on this console is very similar to the Xbox but the design is quite different. Both the CPU and GPU will be lower on the PS5 via playstation’s website. The Series X looks almost like a box while the PS5 got a completely new design. Another advantage PlayStation gives you is that it is owned by Sony. This means they will get games that Xbox users will not since Sony only deals with PlayStation. The new PlayStation will also give you an option to buy the console with a disc drive or without one. It is said the one without the drive will cost less but there have not been any confirmations yet. We can assume that it will be around the same price as the Xbox.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to preference. If you go with PlayStation 5, you will receive every game on the market. If you go with the Xbox, you will be able to play games back to Xbox 360. If you had an Xbox in the past you probably will get the Xbox and the other way around for PlayStation players. The main question people will have to ask themselves is if the switch is worth it. I personally will look to get the Xbox Series X because I have had one since the 360 and it would just feel wrong to switch now. Without a doubt though, each will be great. If you see me in the halls, let me know which one you’re repping!