There is an impostor among us

Impostors must kill all other crewmates to win the game.

Impostors must kill all other crewmates to win the game.

In the past few weeks, a video game called Among Us has become one of the most popular games out there. Many online streamers and content creators have been helping this game grow, and it is now one of the biggest games in the world, despite coming out in 2018. I am not a big video game guy, but Among Us is probably one of the most fun games I have played in years.

For the past few weeks, Nasir Stanford, Richard Rutherford, and I have been playing after school, which usually goes on for at least an hour Among Us': How to win as an imposter every single time – Film Dailyevery day. Among Us is one of the most addictive games I have ever played.

In this murder mystery game, ten crewmates are on a spaceship, but there is a small group of impostors trying to kill everyone. There can be up to three impostors in a game at once, and they are randomly selected.

Crewmates who are not impostors must complete tasks around the map. Most of these tasks are fairly easy, but some are longer than others. Players must always be careful, because they do not know who could be trying to kill them. Impostors cannot be too obvious, because if they are, other players will be suspicious and vote them off. Players can report a dead body if they find one and discuss who they think the impostor is. This usually results in players pointing fingers and accusing everyone else. Crewmates will then vote for who they think the impostor is. After each vote, one player will be eliminated from the game, and it is revealed if they were an impostor or not.

Players can not use the chat function while doing tasks or walking around the map. I think this adds another fun element of fun to the game because strangers can only talk during meetings where someone is voted out. This also results in players accusing each other. It is always a surprise when the person who is eliminated is not an imposter. This makes players even more suspicious of everyone else. As an impostor, the player must be careful not to get caught killing someone. Impostors can quickly escape rooms using vents that take them to other parts of the map. If a player is seen using a vent, they will likely be eliminated because only impostors can use the vents.

Among Us on Steam
Logo for the game (Photo from Steam)

People who have never played Among Us may be wondering what makes it so fun and addictive. I think what makes this game so great is the simplicity. It is easy to learn what you are supposed to do. When I first played, I wasn’t sure what to do, but I figured it out within 20 minutes. It is easy to get tasks done without any problems, the hard part is avoiding an impostor, especially as more players are killed and voted out.

I think this will be the next game that everybody is playing, similar to how Fortnite was a few years ago. I just hope this game doesn’t go downhill with pointless updates and new mechanics that make the game less enjoyable.