Is the iPhone 12 worth it?


The new iPhone 12 via TomsGuide

Apple has released their annual highly coveted iPhone. This year they have released their new iPhone 12 and they have made a lot of changes. I will cover all these huge changes and give my opinion on if you should make the change.

First, the iPhone 12 comes in three different models. It comes in the base twelve, the mini, pro and the pro max.

The size variations of the iPhone 12 via Inter Press Service

All these vary in cost ranging from $700 to $1,099. They also vary in size, too, with the mini being the smallest at 5.4 inches and the pro max being the biggest at 6.7 inches. I like how they are giving buyers a variety of choices, so everyone does not have a humongous phone that does not even fit in their pocket. I think the prices are sort of ridiculous and unrealistic, though. I do not really think someone is going to buy a $1,000 phone.

There are even more changes then just the price and size. The new iPhone comes in many colors. The mini and base models come in black, white, Product red, blue, and green. The pro and pro max come in graphite, silver, gold, and Pacific blue. Apple has been slowly adding more colors to the buyer’s selection since their very first iPhone all the way back in 2007.

Apple has made significant spec changes to the iPhone 12. They first made the battery smaller which has made the phone die faster especially with 5g being added. did a trial where they said, “The regular iPhone 12 lasted just 8 hours and 25 minutes over AT&T’s 5G network. Last year’s iPhone 11 lasted a whopping 11 hours and 16 minutes over 4G. To compare, we switched the iPhone 12 to 4G-only, and it endured for 10 hours and 23 minutes”. That is on 4G, whereas switching on 5G reduced those times to 8:25 and 9:06.” They also made multiple changes that have improved their screens and cameras tremendously. The cameras now come with a night mode which will bring pictures at nighttime to the next level.

Apple has received a lot of backlash recently with the iPhone 12 because they removed the block from the box but gave us a new wire. Apple released a statement saying, “This reduces carbon emissions and avoids the mining and use of precious materials.” Buyers now have to buy a separate USB connector to the wire in order to charge their phones. Many people are upset with this. This could be because they have added a magnetic ring to the back of the phone to charge your phone wirelessly. Users will also need to purchase a MagSafe phone case for their wireless charging. To me it looks like a cool concept, but I do not know if it is worth it.

I asked Jack Connors, who owns an iPhone 12, on his thoughts so far on how the phone is. Jack said, “It is a huge improvement since my last phone.” He also said, “Everything seems quicker and easier to do and it has twice as much storage.” This goes without saying that the public still likes the phone even with the cost and charger problem.

Thus, all together the iPhone 12 looks amazing, but the question is not whether it is good or not. It is if it is worth it. I do not think it is. I feel like unless your phone has a problem there is no need for you to get this phone. There is no groundbreaking addition, and I would just wait until next year because to me the product is not worth the price.