Offer Up; A new way to buy and sell

Could a smaller Amazon clone already be here?


Myself (photoshop)

Offer Up being shown it can be accessed via smart phone, and multiple different products on the app.

Selling and buying things has been a part of society and the human race since the dawn of time. However, finding a buyer or seller of a certain object that is wanted can be a great hassle. Before the internet and all of the apps that has been created as a result, things like newspapers, word of mouth, and good business reputation were among the few ways people had to get information about selling/buying items. While many were accustomed to this way of living, once the internet came into fruition it brought easier ways to handle these issues.

There are many apps, websites, numbers, etc. that one can go to sell/buy items all across the world. But there a great deal of additional factors that need to be considered. Some of which are safety, liableness, price, and location. Some of these key factors can make the difference in losing your money, getting scammed or receiving your package on time.

However, while many can see that there are plenty of websites and apps that you can buy items from all around the world, many still struggle to find where the best place(s) are for one to sell items locally or abroad. Well in recent enlightenment for myself I just might’ve found the answer.

An app called Offer Up was recently recommended to me by a friend of mine to help me sell two iPhones and my old pair of Apple Airpods. Initially I thought the app would be just like any other ordinary selling and buying app. But upon further investigation, I concluded that this app holds much more to it than the normal selling/buying app.

No need to calculate seller fees or any fee at that, using this app ( plus myself)

I concluded that Offer Up holds great potential and can truly be the start of something new. In this app you can list things to sell without a seller’s fee. A seller’s fee is just that, a fee that the seller of a product has to pay a company that they are using to sell their item, for using their platform. Examples of this can been seen on, ebay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc. However, Offer Up is completely free to sell without any fees, mainly due to the reason you can meet in person if locally selling. But of course, by selling abroad then shipping comes into play.

Knowing the fact that a trusted source allows their sellers (anyone who makes an account) to sell in person puts thoughts of scams to an all time low. However, in doing this it also runs the risk of fright. Some may not like the fact of selling in person which is totally understandable. However, to put these fears at bay the company has written on their ‘Trust and Safety’ tab that, “We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violations of good citizenship.” Having a company that protects its users and reassures them that safety is number one is a company for its community. Adding to this, Kody Kaimann ’21 stated, “I like it because you can actually meet in person with legit people, but you have to be careful where and who you meet with.”

Scamming is hard to do when in person due to the fact many people want to test the product before either party leaves the agreed upon meeting location. With having in person meet ups, many customers are happily awaiting the day of the meet up for their new, reconditioned/certified, open box (never used), used, for parts, or other conditioned item at hand.

As you can see the rating of the buy is listed under their name, this also shows the easiness and effectiveness of the app (Myself (Screenshot))

Another great aspect of this app is the ratings, these ratings show the normal response time and reliability of a seller and or buyer. This greatly speeds up the process and allows one to choose who they want to buy or sell from/to.

Nick Huzar and Arean van Veelen started the app and created something that could be the little brother/sister of the big Amazon that everyone knows. Stated in Offer Up’s about us tab, “Nick and Arean founded OfferUp, a marketplace on a mission to become the simplest, most trustworthy local buying and selling experience.” Only the test of time can really show the effectiveness of this app, but in my opinion, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

You can view a video made by the company about them, here.