L&M Podcast (Episode 4)

Call of Duty Cold War

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Lukas Marlman 21

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Lukas Marlman '21

Logo designed for the LM Podcast that is actually a video; not a podcast.

In this episode of the LM Podcast, Mitch Bareswilt, Ben Ott, and myself are talking about the new Call of Duty. Better known as Cold War, Ben is what many would consider an expert in these type of RPG games while Mitch and myself could be considered competitive players.

However, you’d be correct in thinking Ben’s voice sounds familiar, that’s because Ben was the star guest on the original L & M Podcast. We thought it was appropriate for Ben to make another appearance in the podcast since we are talking about Call of Duty once again. But this time it won’t be a surprise visit at 2 a.m. on a weekend night (the night of daylight saving time.)

Call of Duty Cold War comes out on November 13th 2020, this up coming Friday, many including myself and the other partakers of this edition of the LM Podcast are playing to. Friday is going to be a good time!

Ps: Ott explains the answer to all your questions for his attendance at the end of the podcast.