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Phil Robertson suspended from hit TV series Duck Dynasty

Duck Up

One of the most popular shows on television has recently gone through some major controversy. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson was recently suspended indefinitely from the show by A&E for anti-gay comments made in a magazine interview. Robertson compared homosexuals to “idolaters and adulterers”.

Phil Robertson has been known throughout the years as a humble and God-fearing man. After years of being down the wrong path, Phil found God and has been active in his faith for many years. Phil goes to different cities and preaches the good news of the Bible and of Jesus Christ. His oldest son Allen, who is not shown on the popular show that much, is actually now a preacher after being a drug abuser and getting kicked out of the house when he was younger. The Robertsons are a very religious and faithful family.

Phil’s comment was not intended to hurt or put down the gay community. He even says in many of his talks that he loves everybody and shows everybody the respect and kindness like Jesus did. All he did was state a belief of the Church as well as a belief of his own. There were no hateful or hurtful comments made to the gay community, just a state of beliefs. He had every right to give that statement when answering the question. So why then did A&E suspend Phil?

Personally, I believe they suspended him to get attention on the show and on the television channel. Once the media hears about a celebrity’s controversy, they are going to put it all over the news, internet, and talk shows. I don’t think they needed to suspend him for a comment made a couple years before the controversy. I think it was all for ratings.