WandaVision midseason review

It takes a few episodes to set up, but after laying the background, its worth watching.

WandaVisions main logo via Wiki

WandaVision’s main logo via Wiki

Disney+ has been releasing shows left and right over the past year and a half. This has included The Mandalorian and now WandaVision. The Mandalorian has been a success from its release but it looks like Marvel took another route.

WandaVision is a nine-episode sitcom that drops every Friday featuring The Avengers Scarlet Witch and Vision. They eventually learn that there is something off about this town where they are living. The characters include of all the familiar faces we have seen in the movies.

Two that many might remember are Darcy Lewis who has been in multiple Thor movies and Jimmy Woo who was in Ant-Man and the Wasp. This review will contain spoilers so if you have not watched episodes one through four then stop here.

The show starts with us seeing Wanda and Vision moving into a new home in the town Westview after they were married. It is odd to see Vision because the last time we saw him he was dead. The show also

A screen capture showing how the overall look of the show transitioned from white and black to full color. (via Ars Technica)

starts in black and white and eventually turns to color at the end of the second episode. The first two episodes were what drew many viewers away (including me) because of how slow the story was moving. It was also unbearable to watch with the black and white too. Once the third episode dropped and the story picked up, everyone loved it including me. We finally got to piece things together in the third and fourth episode and learn potentially why Wanda and Vision are where they are. We learn that Westview is not real, and that Wanda could be controlling it. No one can enter and everything gets lost when it enters.

This show so far has surprised me. It is not often we get a show based on movie characters with the same characters and actors. Marvel has done a great job with the story and progressing it at a good pace. After watching the first four episodes it made me realize why they dropped the first two episodes together. They did it because those two set up the story and are the most boring. If they released them separately then most people would have given up on the show already.

One thing that looks apparent while watching this show is that Wanda is portrayed as a bad person. She somehow has created this town where she has created this alternate life with Vision who is dead or that’s at least what I think. We see her multiple times get spooked whenever an outside presence is shown because it makes her realize that it is fake. In the third and fourth episode we learn that Wanda has thrown Geraldine (Agent Rambeau) back outside the reality because she discovers she is from the outside.

It will be hard to predict what will happen next in the series and how it will unfold. It seems like every time Vision is about to put it all together, Wanda is there to erase all of it. One theory for what could happen in the second half of the series includes the end credit scenes. Polygon says that the hexagonal shapes around Wanda and Vision’s heads in the end credit scene could refer to Wanda’s “hex” powers. There also is another theory that the Devil could be in on it since there is some comic accuracy with Wanda’s twin boys and how they were made from fragments of his soul.

Thus, this series is not like anything we expected. I am guessing it will not end like anything we have guessed either. I cannot wait to see what Marvel has in store for us.