What is Dispo?

A look into social media star David Dobrik’s new app


Dispo’s app icon courtesy of the apple store

Over the past few weeks, one certain app has been blowing up on the app store. This app is indeed Dispo. It is an app for photos that seems like nothing special until you try it yourself.

First, what is the app?

Dispo is no normal camera/photo app. The app’s main purpose is to act like a disposable camera hence the name Dispo.  It is made by David Dobrik who is a social media influencer. Although the app is free, once you have created your account you are met with a screen that says you are on the waitlist and they will notify you when you are removed.

This is the screen users are met with after logging in via Tek Deeps


You can use the app by another option which is if you get an invite from someone you know. Each person when they get into the app gets 20 invites. Why the invite system you may ask? Dispo tells users they do this to keep the servers from getting melted. I was lucky enough though to get an invite from someone on Instagram.

When I got into the app itself and began to use all its function, was when I fully started to understand the process. You are first met with the page you will be taking the photos with. You have your flash, zoom, and flip but the photos come out in a film type way. The frame is smaller but that is only because the screen makes it look as if your using a disposable camera.

The camera interface.

You then have your library to the left that holds your photos and where you can watch them develop. Dispo acts in a way like a disposable camera to where you can not see your photos after you take them. You cannot see them till 9a.m. the next morning. David Dobrik did this to promote people to live in the moment. I think its a really cool concept. They even send you a notification when they become available.

Next you have your rolls section which is where you can create specific places for your photos to go. You can add people to these and then everyone can put photos in them! Dispo even made a game of it adding a scoreboard and whoever adds the most photos wins.


This is the area where your photos will show up.

You then have your typical notifications section that shows you if you have been added by someone or if they liked one of your photos. People can like your stuff if they are your friends or if you have your rolls public.

Finally, the last section of Dispo is your account page. An example is like mine. For your account you get a handle then a display name. Then you can add a bio and a photo. Your bio also shows how many photos you have taken. You can also search others by clicking the magnifying glass in the top left or go to settings by clicking the top right three dots.


Your rolls section

In my opinion, I feel as if this app is worth it. I have had it for less than a week and I can see the potential for it. Everyone cares what they look like in each photo and this eliminates that worry at the time. You take the photo and move on.


That is what I love about this and I love how they turn out. The pictures look sort of old but so clean. If you are still not convinced enough to get Dispo then look at this great ad that includes the Dobrik dressed up as an old man.


What a throwback photo!

If you do get it and need an invite, give me a holler.