The Friday Night Lights reboot exceeds expectations


Friday Night Lights captures the feel and excitement of high school football.

As the school year is starting up again, everyone needs their go-to television show to watch during their free time. It just so happens to be that Friday Night Lights has been added to Netflix once again. Thankfully, the new start of the year means football season, so there is not better show to watch right now as a football fan.

The show is based on a high school football team in Dillon, Texas. The Dillon Panthers are well known for being a powerhouse football team in Texas. Constantly winning games and winning state rings, the football players of the Dillon Panthers are looked at as kings. Fans from all over Dillon, Texas come out to watch and support them. It is a team led by first year Coach Eric Taylor. Coach Taylor and his family play a huge role in this show and especially in the first season.

As I watched season oneĀ of Friday Night Lights, I was instantly reminded of how it feels to be out there on a Friday night playing. The show is extremely realistic as it focuses on everyday problems and not just football. Very little is football actually being played.

Main characters from the popular TV show Friday Night Lights.

In the first season, almost all the characters we will meet throughout the show are introduced. The show starts off talking about how important Dillon football is to the community and the boosters. The first game is shown where Jason Street, the panthers star quarterback, tries making a tackle after throwing an interception and becomes paralyzed. This greatly affects the entire community, but is a chance for backup quarterback, Matt Saracen, to step into his role as a strong character in the show.

Another review of the first season that I found great was how they focused on the economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The show often times talks about major issues in our world such as: racial discriminations, drugs and alcohol, parental issues, sexual assault and much more. This show is a must see for all ages. It really teaches people about real life problems while also focusing on the game of football.