Protecting our Capitol; White House Down

What one man can do for his Country.



John escorting the President out of danger

I would like to talk about a 2013 action thriller, White House Down.

Big name celebrities star in a movie about a terrorist attack on the White House. It is a thrilling attack you would never expect. John Cale (Channing Tatum) is an ex-military and secret service agent taking his daughter to the White House when it turns deadly. We follow John on his mission to get his daughter back, save the President, and defend the White House from an inside terrorist attack.

John Cale surprises his daughter Emily (Joey King) with a tour of the White House as a gift for the rough times their family has had

They head to the White House with everything proceeding as normal for what it seems. A construction company shows up to do some work. Suddenly things start escalating on the tour. A janitor pushes a cleaning cart to the middle of the building then a bomb goes off. But the janitor is nowhere to be found. The supposed construction company starts killing security and taking hostages. John is one of the last people with any experience or training to regain the White House since the terrorists have the outside fully guarded with no way in or out. How will he manage? Watch and find out.

This is one of my top five favorite movies of all time. I like the perspective of the last trained man having to completely clear the White House of any threat. While this is cool, there are indeed aspects of impracticality. Imagine being the only person White House with dozens of highly trained ex-military and civilians everywhere. Regardless of how trained you are, how do you deal with all the stress and ability to fend of people while trying to save the President and very many scared civilians?

I love this movie, but how likely are you going to have a high-ranking Secret Service Agent able to put that big of plan together and not have anyone to see he is planning a giant attack against the President? On top of that, how are you going to let a bunch of ex-military who most likely have some sort of war criminal record be on a team of construction workers who just kind of walk into the White House no questions asked.

On a more serous note, this is a great movie. I would put this on a list of movies to watch.