Spencer’s deep hate for his best friend Coop

All American is a series that has many catastrophes during it which makes the show so great.

All American involves many football characters from opposing teams in which some are friends and some despise each other. However, in many instances, they become bestfriends like Baker and Spence. In many circumstances friends thought they were friends but in all reality it was hate there.

A big example of this is between the two main bestfriends Coop and Spencer. Coop was involved with gang affiliation throughout the first season with a guy named Tyrone. Many times Spencer had to tell Coop to leave them alone and stay away but Coop did her own thing and many fights and confrontations broke out during the season.

Coop had an eager hate out for Tyrone because he got Coop’s childhood friend Sean killed right when he was going to make changes for himself and daughter. Coop couldn’t leave it alone as it ate her up inside she wanted Tyrone gone.

Eventually someone kills Tyrone and life is peaceful until they want revenge for their fallen soldier. They want Coop but who better than to get her bestfriend Spencer. They tried to kill him and missed and almost hit someone he really cared about, so he jumped in front of the bullet for her because he loved her.

It affected his football season and he had to get surgery. It constantly bothered him during season 2 and throughout season 3. He finally realizes he was never over it he blamed Coop for not listening and her being the reason it affected him.

He argued with her and their relationship went out the window. This shows a big catastrophe during the All American series.