The Sheridan-Trischler Show: Episode 4

“Hey, everyone! After being out of school for summer break for a few months, senior year is now well underway for Seth and me, and we’re excited to be able to bring back the podcast. While it is no secret that finishing up high school comes with a great number of responsibilities, we just could not bring ourselves to abandon The Sheridan-Trischler Show because we know how dedicated our listeners are. In this episode, Seth and I discussed a wide variety of topics, ranging from Cincinnati football teams and recent events at Elder to our recent trip to a Dierks Bentley concert. Also, we have big plans for a special episode of the podcast for Christmas, so expect another episode sometime in December. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this newest episode of The Sheridan-Trischler Show!”

*note: this podcast was recorded during class on October 23rd where we were unaware that the Braves would win the World Series that night!

*We also got a new cover photo too!