New Marvel installment has potential

The new Hawkeye introduces new characters and reunites some old ones


Have you ever seen a Marvel show?

The month of December has begun and with that Marvel has dropped us a new series as a present.  The show is called Hawkeye and is bringing back the infamous Clint Barton played by Jeremy Renner.  All three of the Marvel Miniseries have been mighty impressive and reviewed well up to this point.

I want to take a look at the first episode that has been released and compare it to the openers to the other miniseries already out.  I believe Hawkeye has more potential than any other of the shows up to this point.

Let’s take a look at what it did well and where it needs to improve.  As for the plus column, they brought in a new character, Kate Bishop, likely to take role as the main protagonist.  This is interesting considering the show is named after Clint Barton.  Of course, it is still very early in the show, but knowing the Marvel fanbase, she will be taken in and adored.  Best Hawkeye Comics GIFs | Gfycat The other shows, Wanda Vision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki all had new characters, but for the most part on the side.  None of them took a very dominant role in the first episode as seen in Hawkeye.

The show missed in a big aspect that should’ve been expected from a show named after the bow and arrow man himself, that being some archery action!

I saw action but primarily of fists and feet.  The first episode broke down and explained the background of Kate Bishop and how she got into archery, yet didn’t include and scenes of her performing.  The main antagonist in the opener is a street gang looking after a suit worn by the agonizing Ronin, destroyer of galaxies.  I thought this was a great way to reel back in Clint as he had heavy involvement with the Ronin suit.

This is ultimately how we see Clint brought in.  He, after wearing the suit in his time of darkness shown in End Game, seeks to find it and put an end to his villainous days.  This is where he runs into Kate.  I thought the interaction between them was great.  I wish we would have seen more of it,  but Clint seemed to want nothing to do with her and everything to do with being with his family on Christmas day, fulfilling a promise he made to his daughter Lila.  Sadly, this is where the journey of the first episode ends.

As said before, I think this show has the most potential.  What do you think will happen next?  Will this be the best Marvel show yet?  Only time will tell.