Cobra Kai Never Dies


As many know, the Cobra Kai series just released another season with this being the fourth. I actually had no idea season four was coming out at this time. However, once I found out I ended up finishing the season in about one day. I binged each episode and could not stop watching. Honestly, I think this was the best season they have had by far.

In this season, we are introduced to new characters. They focused sort of on a younger audience for some of the show as they used Daniel’s son and his friends. They serve as the bullies to the new kid, Kenny, who is sort of an athletic nerd.

At the start, it began where it left off from season three. Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso who have been lifelong enemies are now working together against John Kreese. Kreese has taken over Cobra Kai.

In the first episode, Kreese is trying to recruit Terry Silver to work with him again for Cobra Kai. Silver is a former Cobra Kai co-creator who used to abuse Daniel LaRusso. Silver now lives in a huge mansion and has changed his lifestyle completely around. However, after long consideration Kreese is able to persuade him to go back to his old ways. He now joins the dojo again.

Meanwhile, Sam and Tori are continuing to fight after Tori broke into the LaRusso home. Mrs. LaRusso ultimately gets Tori fired from her job. She tells Tori to stay away from Sam, but Sam continues to harass her. Mrs. LaRusso ends up finding out Tori’s living situation and begins to try and help. At first Tori doesn’t want help but later asks for it and they end up connecting more.

Daniel and Johnny end up taking the other kids from the dojo to teach them their style of fighting. Miguel learned how to fight with defense, and Sam learned how to fight with offense. However, they could not agree over their differences which ultimately separated the two dojos.

Meanwhile, during all of this it seemed that Kreese and Silver continued to strengthen Cobra Kai. Robby rejoined the group and started teaching people how to fight like Miyagi-Do. They learn all their moves and prepare for it for the upcoming All Valley Tournament.

The two dojos still have a ton of beef with each other as they are always fighting. However, one major scene is after their high school dance; they fight at the after party. After that, they were told they were not allowed to fight before the All Valley Tournament. With that being said, we fast forward to the tournament and that is when I will stop discussing what happens next. I liked this show so much that I don’t want to spoil too much. Let’s just say there are some crazy fights at the tournament and a huge plot twist at the end.

Overall, I thought this was the best season out of Cobra Kai so far. It had so many different fight scenes leading up to the tournament. They used a great deal of physical fighting and verbal fighting. I also really liked how Daniel and Johnny were making an effort to become friends. After all they both hated Kreese and Silver and would do anything to take them down.

Throughout the show you can see how much Robby and Tori are changing. They know what’s right in the world now and are making good decisions. That is one of my favorite things about the show. My favorite thing though has to be the tournament. They used nearly two whole episodes to show the fights which I thought was very appropriate. Each fight scene was unreal and the eventual winners were perfect in my eyes.

However, one thing I cannot stand is the acting from some of the characters. Basically, the whole LaRusso family are the worst actors I have ever seen. Daniel (Ralph) used to be a better actor when he was younger in the first Karate Kid movies.

Overall, I loved this show and would recommend to any one who has watched the Karate Kid movies. It was extremely exciting and always made me want to watch the next episode. It is one of the better shows I have watched over Netflix.

Within the next season I am expecting them to use a lot of different characters. Mainly because of the fact that the All Valley Tournament is 18 and under. Most of them will have one last shot competing, so if they continue to use the same characters they won’t make another season. I am very interested to see what Kenny will do since he is no longer being bullied.

One thing I am expecting is Robby and Johnny to be reunited. I think they have hinted at it several times that they will end up being a true father son duo. Therefore, I believe they are going to end up training together. My boldest prediction is that Robby and Sam will get back together. The same goes for Miguel and Tori. You could just sense they are happier with the other person on the night of the dance.

All in all, I am extremely excited for the future of Cobra Kai. It has the potential to be a top Netflix show of all the time.