Kohler talks about Elder

Welcome to the special sixth episode of The Sheridan-Trischler Show!

Hey everyone, and welcome to Episode #6!

This episode will be a bit different, as Jack will be interviewing Rick Kohler, a 1963 Elder High School graduate who serves as Chairman of the Mission and Vision Committee on the school’s Board of Limited Jurisdiction.

After his career took his places outside of the Greater Cincinnati area, Kohler retired and soon came back to the city, and it was then that he was approached to serve on the school’s board, his tenure as a professor at various universities being cited as one of the main reasons.

Kohler now leads the Board’s pursuit in incorporating Catholic spirituality into the lives of students at Elder High School, and he is also one of the Board members who is serving on the committee that is planning the events for Elder’s 100th anniversary, which will be celebrated during the 2022-23 school year.

In this episode, Jack talks to Kohler about his time as a student, his life outside of Elder, his time as a member of the Board, and some of the things that he is working on as part of celebrating the school’s 100th year in operation.

As always, thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy. Be sure to stay tuned for Episode 7, which will be released soon!