Book Of Boba Fett – Season 1 Finale Review

Book Of Boba Fett - Season 1 Finale Review

If there’s one thing Jon Favreau has proven during his Star Wars career it’s that he knows how to write a fantastic finale.  With the release of the Book of Boba Fett’s final episode, that creative mind of his has turned out to be especially useful.

First off, the humor in the finale gives exactly the right amount of tension breaking allowed for such a high intensity episode.  Ranging from Temuera Morrison’s line to Cad Bane, “I thought I smelled something” to Amy Sedaris’s throwing of a hammer at her droid and screaming “go faster you bucket of bolts” while trying to escape battle droids, it had just the right amount for me.

This episode serves up as many laughs as it did gasps.  Although the story of the present timeline was perhaps a little dry compared to other episodes of Boba Fett, it delivered well in its flashbacks, side character rises, and most of all, its guest appearances.

Who would have guessed that we’d have seen Luke, Grogu, and Ahsoka throughout the course of this series?  It makes you wonder what stories are yet to be told.  I hope we get to see more Luke and Ashoka action and hopefully their first meeting as well.

We get to see the epic battle in Mos Eisley that was very unexpected for Boba and his understaffed crew.  The groups that had promised to remain neutral in potential of a battle turned on their previous agreements.  Although it didn’t show exactly what made them turn, I’d guess it had to do with Bane and the Pikes.

We saw almost immediately how outnumbered Boba was.  The battle still did  not disappoint.  We saw brutal killings of soldiers like the weak-minded soldiers that once protected Jabba back in previous films and what we thought was the death of a loyal Wookie.  The show’s space western theme is upheld once again.

The scene in which Mando and Boba fly in sync of one another while dealing with the Pike syndicate’s forces is a fantastic element of this episode, but the biggest thrill comes when the people of Freetown show up.  This whole battle has two key changes of pace, one being the people of Freetown, and the other is Boba showing up on Chekhov’s rancor clawing and crashing over and through the city’s buildings like a monkey from a different franchise.

Grogu calms the rancor with his still developing Jedi powers.

With this outrageous sequence, Favreau steals a scene from the Kong movies, but a beast climbing a tower was still pretty great.  Especially since it gave us the amazing scene that followed.

Among the shy list of heroes, it is Grogu who proves his Jedi or maybe Mandalorian worth by coming in like the baby Yoda he is and using his powers to protect his best friend Mando.  We see Grogu have two paths put in front of him like many Jedi’s have over the course of Star Wars history and he chose the opposite of his supposed species master.  Still, this presents us with the content of what well see in The Mandalorian season 3, if Book of Boba Fett wasn’t already that.

Despite this finale being a story of endearing teamwork, it makes a lot of sense to his character that Boba’s ultimate defeat of Cad Bane would be on his own merit.  Bane’s live-action version provides the perfect foe.  The two characters, Cad and Boba are the greatest bounty hunters and villains in all of Star Wars.  Seeing them fight one another is only fitting.  Although the ending didn’t come to my liking, it shows that Boba is a force to be reckoned with, even in his old age.  Their showdown is dripping with unresolved tension and serves as a reminder that Boba’s good sided conscience only goes so far and killing Cad with his staff only adds to the justice of the duel.

Ending the episode, we get to see Boba and Fennec walk around town while the citizens thank them for their protection.  It is still a strange feeling to see Boba, the once mighty villain to be a, dare I say hero?  It was a boring wrap up to a underwhelming season, but wasn’t worse than what we saw in the end credit scene.  We see the sheriff of Freetown soaking in the healing bath.  I would have rather waited for a surprise return of his than seeing that.  In comparison to Mandalorian end credit scene introducing Book of Boba Fett, it was disappointing.

All in all, this show was good and I still look forward to the next season, but nothing will be able to top the next series, Obi Wan.