Creed 3 set to open in the spring of 2023

Creed 3 set to open in the spring of 2023

This March Michael B. Jordan will be back up on the big screen in another Creed movie. This will be the third movie of the boxing trilogy. The movie is set to release March 3, 2023. The movie will be different from the other ones. For example, one major change is that Rocky Balboa will not be in the movie.

From the first official trailer we see that Adonis Creed is now in retirement and is training fighters in his own gym. It also looks like we are going to get a Creed vs. Conlan rematch. There are a few seconds where we see Creed and Conlan exchanging punches in a ring and then in another frame we see a poster that says Creed vs. Conlan 2, but that’s not what this movie is about. This movie will be about Adonis facing his past.

In the trailer, we see that Adonis is confronted by a random guy leaning on his car that turns out to be one of his friends from the juvenile hall that Adonis was seen in the first movie. His name is Damian who is played by Johnathan Majors. He is fresh out of jail after 18 years and wants to take up boxing after claiming he used to be the best, but just did not get the chance that Adonis got.

In the trailer it seems the two start off as friends, but by the end it looks like they are enemies. Damian is jealous of how Adonis, his childhood friend, got out of Juvie, pursued a boxing career and ended up successful. He believes that it should have been him and not Adonis. Now that he is out, Damien is ready to take his shot at his boxing career and is ready to take Adonis down, too.

Now this movie is supposed to have a few special appearances. One that we know of is Canelo Alvarez. He is a Mexican professional boxer who has won multiple world championships. I’m not sure what his role is in Creed three but he is seen in the trailer taking a picture with Adonis. Another appearance that is rumored is none other than Viktor Drago. Viktor Drago was the main antagonist in Creed 2 and lost to Adonis is the final fight scene of the movie. There is no real evidence he is in the movie but he is listed under cast in IMDB.

This movie will really challenge Adonis on his own now. He does not have anyone in his corner like Rocky to give him advice or teach him lessons. Adonis will have to take this head on and do this with his wife and their daughter.