Michigan State Tragedy


Fneral for the students who had passed away

 Michigan State University is one of the finest universities in the world. It is obviously located in Michigan. It is mostly known for its excellence in the classroom and in the athletic department as well. Its sports teams are highly ranked nationally in football and basketball. Everything at Michigan State has been great up until February 13th, 2023 when a tragic event took place. There was a mass shooting at the school. eight people were injured, five people are fighting for the lives and three sadly did pass away.

The three students who had lost their lives was a tragedy. Their names are juniors Arielle Anderson and Alexandria Verner and sophomore Brian Fraser. Arielle was studying to become a doctor according to her aunt. Brian Fraser was president of the Michigan Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta, according to Michigan State University. Alexandria Verner was studying to become a forensic scientist. All three of these people will be deeply missed.

For the shooter, his name is Anthony McCrae. He is 43 years old. The police were out looking for him for hours. Then they finally found him dead. He committed suicide because he knew he was going to be in jail for a long time. Justice for the three college students and their families seems impossible now.

A couple days following the shooting. President Joe Biden addressed the situation. He said, “We have to do something to stop the gun violence that’s ripping apart our communities.”  The Michigan state shooting puts the USA over 6,000 deaths by a gun in 2023 thus far. That is mind blowing! It’s obvious that guns have become a much bigger issue then anticipated in 2023. The death rate is going to break the record for most deaths by gun by then end of 2023 on the rate where we are going.

We all feel deep condolences for the Verner, Fraser, and Anderson families. We hope that they get the support they need to get through this tough time. There children were taken from them at such a young age. They all had such more life to live. Michigan State resumed playing sports this past weekend. They had a home game against Indiana. They blocked off three seats front row in honor of the three students who had passed away. They will always remember the lives of the three students who died on campus along with America as well.