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Pineapple on pizza: Blessing or curse?

Does a tropical fruit really belong on a pie?
Pineapple on pizza: Blessing or curse?

Thousands of debates and arguments have taken place in the culinary industry, such as ketchup vs. mustard, salt vs. pepper, Coke vs. Pepsi, and so many more. Today I will be discussing a topic that lives in the shadows of these other major debates: does pineapple belong on pizza?

To some people, pineapple on pizza is a blessing. Other people consider it a crime. For quite a few years I have experienced both sides of this argument. For so long I was always on the fence about whether or not I enjoyed having a fruit on my pie.

Pineapple Pizza

Throughout the years, I was always a huge fan of plain cheese. I was barely ever exposed to the wonders of toppings on pizza, until about 8th grade year, I became a fan of pepperoni. I sustained eating pepperoni on pizza for about two years. One day during the summer of sophomore year, I attended a party where LaRosa’s was catered.

There was the usual cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas. At the very end of the line, my breath was taken away. I asked one of my friends what those little yellow squares were on the pizza, and he answered with a one word response: “Pineapple!”

My mind was blown. I did not know what to think. Why was one of my favorite fruits baked into only the best of Italian cuisine? I willingly cut a slice and put it on my plate. When I sat down, I just sat there glaring at each and every piece of pineapple.

I grabbed the slice by the crust (then I proceeded to fold it, obviously), and took a bite with a large chunk of pineapple. I was left absolutely speechless. All of my thoughts and opinions about pepperoni being the best pizza were thrown out the window. Right then and there, I knew I was in love. From that moment on, pineapple pizza had, and still has, my heart.

Now it was time to see if I was not alone. I asked my classmates if they agreed with me, and I got a variety of responses. Many people disagreed with a passion. Some people are just as much in love with pineapple pizza as I am. Then there was the group of people who do not know what to think of it. Let’s just say the debate can go either way.

So do I agree with this combo between fruit and pizza? Absolutely.

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