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Way too early predictions

Sam Tucker and Oliver Zureick take on the NCAA critics while discussing football.
These predictions are WAY TOO EARLY, but we can’t help ourselves!

The college football season is officially underway. Some fans were ecstatic while others were most likely curled up in a corner crying about their alma mater’s result. Many people believe that the men and women who work on the rankings are full of crap when they see their team isn’t in the top 25 teams.

Oliver Zureick and Sam Tucker took some time to talk about what we thought so far about the season. However, Oliver and Sam do not know everything and are complete amateurs when it comes to the rankings. We both have our favorite teams and are both upset with their rankings, but we stayed as unbiased as possible when it came to this field because we both understand how upset people can become when talking about sports.

Ryan Day

The Ohio State University has been a powerhouse program in college football as long as it has existed. Recently, Ryan Day has been in the hot seat for being unable to beat Michigan while having incredible talents. Sam Tucker believes, “Ohio state is not quite a playoff team, they are more of a 7 or 8 seed team.”

Coach Prime

Colorado has been getting a lot of media attention surrounding their newest changes. Deion Sanders has the head coach job. Coach Prime is known right now for his unorthodox way of coaching. Travis Hunter has been popular after their week one win against Texas Christian University. Some critics have gone far enough to say that he is in the top three running for Heisman. Sam claims that Colorado is not playoff worthy and that Travis Hunter is not up to standard for the Heisman award. 

UC Bearcats’ QB Emory Jones

The University of Cincinnati has gone through a lot of changes this year including switching into the BIG 12 Conference. This change in conference changes UC’s difficulty of schedule. Cincinnati has some big games this year that will show if they are able to play with the big Power 5 teams. “They are not quite playoff contenders but could make a run for it,” says Tucker when asked where Cincinnati stands in the ranking.

Tennessee Vols’ QB Joe Milton

Tennessee football has been having great success for multiple seasons. The Vols are ranked in the top 10 out of the FBS college football teams. Joe Milton is a 6th year quarterback who is looking to be a playoff contender when it comes to the end of the season. Tennessee is looking to have an average schedule until they are matched up to play Alabama and Georgia. Sam says, “ They are looking to have a good season but I don’t see them making a big run for any playoffs because they have to play ‘Bama and Georgia.” 

Caleb Williams

USC has produced one of the top quarterbacks of the century in Caleb Williams. Caleb has been showing big progress and is looking to be a back to back Heisman Trophy winner. Caleb is the fire behind USC’s offense constantly showing off his arm and quick foot skills. Sam claims that Caleb is the front runner and nobody will be able to keep up with his stature of football.

College football is just getting started and there will be many more upsets to happen through out this season. As the chase for the playoffs is getting off the ground there is a few promising teams and a few that are not so promising. Ohio State is off to a rocky start. Colorado is getting overhyped by the media. Cincinnati has a realistic chance to do something this season. Tennessee is going to make an impact. Caleb Williams continues to be the most dominate quarterback in college football.

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