The Justin Bieber controversy

The Justin Bieber controversy

Justin Bieber has been a major subject of public attention for the past five or so years. The young star began his career with Youtube videos, and soon became a worldwide sensation with the release of singles like “Baby.” However, he has been the subject of controversy in recent years, and his musical success has begun to take a backseat to his personal antics.

There were a few scandals starting in around 2011, but things didn’t start to get out of hand until 2013. For the past year, there have been countless reports of reckless and belligerent behavior involving the musician.

Police have discovered marijuana, cocaine, and various other drugs in raids on Bieber’s house and tour busses. He has shown up to shows intoxicated, and has even thrown up on stage before.

About two months ago, Bieber’s posse was caught egging the house of one of his neighbors, causing thousands of dollars of property damage. Video evidence has shown Bieber was there at the scene. This could potentially lead to felony charges against the young pop star.

The situation escalated even further last month, when Bieber was arrested for drunk driving with an expired license and resisting arrest. His entourage had closed off a road which he was using to drag race in a Lamborghini. When he was pulled over, his actions were sluggish and he refused to cooperate, according to a Miami officer. He was later found to be under the influence of marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs.

Despite all this trouble with the law, Bieber was only given $2500 bond. There is currently a petition on to have him deported (he is a Canadian citizen), but it is doubtful it will get anywhere.

Some people believe the pressure of constantly being in the spotlight led to the recent controversy. On the subject, Macklemore said, “I think it’s challenging for anybody to have your life be a spectacle and to be challenged and critiqued and judged.”

Still, the environment can’t be entirely to blame for Bieber’s antics. No matter what his background may have been, he still has control over his life. He clearly doesn’t care that the entire world is watching, and he’s not willing to learn from his mistakes.

Perhaps this is just another passing trend. Maybe Justin Bieber will be the next Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears, completely forgotten in a few years. Hopefully he will come to realize the weight of his actions and try to be a better role model for his legions of fans.