4G falls behind in America


In today’s society, many people are concerned with having the fastest or coolest smartphone, but could your phone be faster if you lived somewhere other than America? According to a survey by Open Signal, America is the second slowest nation in the world when it comes to 4G downloading speed. Alternatively, according to the survey, Australia has the fastest 4G speed in the world.

There are a few factors that could cause America’s 4G speed to be slower than another nation’s such as Australia.

One of the factors that provide faster speed is the amount of cell towers a certain brand has throughout the country. Also, the amount of people who are simultaneously using the 4G data from these towers can affect the speed.

The more towers that are in the nation, the better chance a cell phone user has for coverage, and the more users that use this coverage will slow down the speed because it is being used to by too many people at one time.

Personally, my phone provider is AT&T, which has very good coverage throughout the city, but can have slow data speed dependent upon the area I am using my phone. AT&T is one of the leading service providers in America and has many towers throughout the nation.

Charlie Selhorst, who has Cincinnati Bell as his provider, says that the speed of his phone is pretty slow. Though Cincinnati Bell is not as large a service provider as AT&T, it is still very well known.

Grace Eglit, a friend from Australia, says that her smartphone is very fast and she gets coverage in almost any place she goes. There are many cell towers and provider stations that allow for fast data speed so that she can download items at high speeds.

Though Americans may believe that their smartphones are top-notch, it doesn’t matter because they can’t even download at the same speed as other nations.

So if well-known providers are not as fast as they should be given the ridiculous prices of the phones, shouldn’t the smart phone industry be working with service providers to generate faster download speed rather than filling a phone with technology that can’t be used to its full potential?